Owning a top-notch security system is one thing, but are you certain it will provide you peace of mind? If not, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you with all the information, facts and figures you need to know about Vivint security systems.

We understand how daunting it can be for homeowners, whether parents, working individuals or even older people, to protect and manage their homes from any threat or warning. Therefore home security systems become a necessity rather than a want. Now without wasting any time, let’s dive into the article and give you some insight into Vivint security systems!

How do Security Systems Work?

All home security systems work on the same basic concept of securing the means of access into a house. It can be windows, doors, and internal space containing valuables like paintings, electronic devices, and other valuable pieces.

Securing is done with the help of sensors that communicate with the command centre or the control panel positioned somewhere suitable in the house. The sensors are generally installed indoors that lead from and to the place and easily approachable windows, especially those at the surface level.

It specifically does not matter what the size of the house is or how many doors, windows or internal space a homeowner decides to secure; the major difference is the number of security components employed throughout the property. The parts are connected to a base station, and from there, they link to a mobile phone application that allows you to control and monitor everything remotely.

How Much Does a Vivint Security System Cost?

Vivint’s unique selling point is its smart home security system, which includes home automation and security features at affordable prices. Home security systems are usually expensive, costing an average of around $400. 

Although Vivint offers a 60-month financing plan, which is a great advantage for buyers, they are expected to pay for the security system in 5 years or pay the entire amount upfront. The price for its components begins at 50$ and can go as high as 400$.

What Are the Services Provided by Vivint?

Professional Installment

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Vivint provides all its customers free professional installation with high-end equipment. A professional will come to your house to do all the design and fixation.

The in-house briefing with a professional security advisor is free of cost. It will develop a system that is respectively tailored as per your needs. However, if you decide to move, you must pay $129 to get your system re-installed.

24/7 Home Monitoring and Customer Support

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Vivint offers 24/7 security monitoring and remote control of your door locks, cameras, heating system, etc. If an alarm is activated, the monitoring centre will contact you through your phone numbers and the smart hub’s speaker. If you’re unable to respond, Vivint will dispatch emergency services to your home.

Vivint is professionally monitored 24/7 each day every year. The package for 24/7 monitoring comes at $30 per month. Vivint also provides 24/ customer support, so whenever your alarm is triggered, you would have a security specialist waiting for you on the other end to respond to your emergency.

Security for Business

Their business is the only livelihood for business owners and should be protected all at cost. That is where having a commercial security system becomes essential. Vivint’s business security systems help monitor its employees and its customers with video supervision. 

You’re 24/7 connected with your business via remote monitoring. It helps you prevent burglary, shoplifting, unauthorized access to important workplace areas, and vandalism.

How Vivint Helps in Creating a Smart Home?

Smart Home Systems and Control

Vivint provides smart home systems so that you have control over your household appliances that bring convenience and comfort to life and energy-saving and security. All the devices are controlled at the touch of a button. It allows you to manage your appliances even if you are away from home.

Smart Locks

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Smart locks let you lock and unlock your doors without any key insight. Smart locks allow you to design 30 unique access codes from your friends and family so they can easily enter and leave the house. 

With the Vivint Doorbell Smart Locks, you can also answer the door, let guests and visitors in, and lock up whenever they leave from anywhere at the touch of a button.

Smart Lighting and Thermostat

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You can control your lights and thermostat from one platform. If you are away from your home for the weekend, you can customize a feature that allows the lights to turn on after dark. It also provides voice control to turn the lights and lamps on and off.

Vivint smart thermostat keeps your home nice and cozy while conserving electricity. Its smart home systems let you lower the heat when you’re away or turn on the air conditioner on your way home.

Is it Worth Your Money?

The Vivint security systems are not cheap, but they have the smart home capability and exceptional components. It offers a great variety of smart home devices and integrates seamlessly with existing smart home ecosystems. Although it has its disadvantages as well, the peace and protection it brings along is something that outweighs its drawbacks.

Final Words

On a final note, it won’t be wrong to say that Vivint security systems are hands down the best systems in terms of efficiency and reliability. However, it is not the most affordable, but if we talk about its services, it is value for money and can be a great source of reliance.