First of all let it be known that broken tile in the shower is not as horrible as people think. While the location of the broken tile will determine exactly how difficult, any tile can be replaced using this method. Your Guide on How to replace tile in the shower.


Step 1: Remove broken tile

Create a perimeter of blue tape, about 1 inch from the broken tile all the way around. Use an oscillating tool to cut through the grout and remove broken tiles.Stay on the damaged tile . DO not get on the good tile. Stay 1/2 or so away. Once you get the middle of the broken tile out pry the remaining tile close to the good tile with a flathead screwdriver. If you have broken tiles near your shower valve, be mindful of where the water is going so as not to damage any plumbing or electrical wiring inside.

Step 2: Remove old adhesive

Use a flat-head screwdriver to scrape up some of the adhesive between tiles. This will insure a smooth surface for reinstallation. Repeat this process in each section until your entire wall board is free of tile adhesive.

Step 3: Clean wall thoroughly

Remove all adhesive or thin-set check to make sure the backer board has not been damaged/punctured. If so no worry.

Good wall board do this

1) Broken tiles used as a template for new tiles

2) Inspect broken tile was cut correctly before using as a template.

3) Scrape off all mortar between good tiles using wire brush or grout ripper, then sand or scrape smooth any rough surfaces of broken tile with sanding block.

4) Vacuum the sanded area to remove all dust .

5) Reinstall new tiles. Use broken tiles as a template for new ones.


How to replace tile in the shower:

Damaged wall board do this

Durock- cover punctured area with mess tape and paint with redgard

Hardie Backer – cover punctured are with mess tape and paint with redgard

Wedi board- Use wedi patch and repair procedure

Kerdi Board – use Kerdi wrap and kerdi sealant

Go board – Use Go Board repair methods.

Let all these methods dry for approx 12 hrs then proceed with steps 1 thru 5.


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