How To Repair Hardwood Floor Scratches Of Any Type In 4 Simple Steps?

Does your hardwood floor have scratches that annoy you a lot? Are you expecting some guests soon and don’t want to welcome them with these floor marks? Then here we have a short guide on how to repair hardwood floor scratches?

With scratches, floor cleaning becomes a headache. . Also, they are embarrassing in front of guests. But now you can repair them, and it’s a DIY task. Whether they are minor marks or major cracks, you can repair any type of scratch. Let’s start our guide!

For Minor Scratches

These types of scratches appear by moving tables, chairs, or sofas. They are not hard to repair, and you will require minimum effort. The total time consumption will be no more than 15-20 minutes.

Step 1: Clean The Area


First, clean the area. Wash it to remove any dust, or you can simply vacuum clean it. The purpose is to remove any dirt or debris because it will affect the repair work.
Step 2: Choose The Matching Colorant
The next step is to choose a matching colorant. You can apply a resin-based dye or any scratch remover pen. Make sure to test the color with the floor on a non-visible area. The best choice will be behind any big furniture.

Step 3: Apply The Colorant


When you select the correct color, apply it over the scratched area. The pen or resin will make the surface unicolor and buff up the minor grooves.
Step 4: Rub The Area
When you finish, let the colorant dry. After some time, rub fine steel wool to smoothen the surface.

Additional Tip!


For minor scratches on lighter-colored flooring, you can also use walnut. It is the most inexpensive method to fix minor scratches. Rub raw walnut over the surface along the grains. The soft meat will fill the grooves, and it will also match the floor’s color.

For Major Scratches

But how to repair hardwood floor scratches with deeper grooves? To fill them, you will require extra effort. They usually appear when you move heavy furniture. Dog’s claws may also be a reason for them. But, the task is easy. However, it demands some time and work. Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Clean And Rub The Area


First, wash or vacuum the area to clean out any dirt. Then rub the scratches with sandpaper to smooth the ripped wood. Rub it along the wood grains. If you move the sandpaper across the grains, it will worsen the scratches. Sometimes, it creates more marks, and you have extra work in your hands.

hardwood floor scratches

Step 2: Apply The Filler


Prepare a wood filler and apply it with a putty knife. A plastic putty knife will serve better than the metal one because it is softer and won’t damage the wood much. Fill the paste with a putty knife in the grooves and around the area to buff any extra scratch.

Step 3: Wait And Scrub

Wait till the putty knife dries out. Then remove the extra material with less brittle sandpaper or fine steel wool. Again, rub the sandpaper/wool with gentle hands along the wood grains. Don’t make the mistake of rubbing across grains.

Step 4: Coat A Matching Resin

When you smooth out the surface, apply the colored resin, or you can use a scratch remover pen, too. Make sure to match the color with the wooden floor. It will cover the putty and make the repaired area less visible.


Scratches appear on the wooden floorings, and they are inevitable. The valuable point is how you deal with the situation. You can either just apply a colorant to fill light scratch marks. Or you can fill the deeper grooves with a filler. As now you know how to repair hardwood floor scratches, you won’t need to hire someone. Follow the procedure mentioned above and get rid of those pesky marks.

With our decades of experience and expertise, we can help you fix those hardwood floor scratches. It may not be as easy to repair the scratches as it is to prevent them from happening in the first place but don’t worry! We know all about how this process works and will guide you through every step so that your floors look like new again quickly and easily. Schedule a consultation today at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths today for an estimate on what it would cost to have your floors repaired or restored by one of our experts. Rest assured that we stand behind everything we do with warranties offered on materials used, labor performed, installation workmanship, etc.,

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