How To Remove Shower Tiles? – An Easy Step by Step Guide
Need to remove the shower tiles? Use a precise approach, the right equipment, and accurate technique to get the job done.
The bathroom remodeling is obvious whether you get fed up with outdated tiles or want to remove dull tiles. You can turn this time-consuming job into a quick one in your next DIY project.
Avoid Tile breakage or any damage to the bathroom fixture & walls using the two efficient methods explained step by step in our guide. Wall tiles are packed closely with a thin grout line. Therefore, it is more challenging to remove shower tiles as compared to floor tiles.
So, let’s jump into the topic and explore how to remove shower tiles!

Step 1: Protection And Preparation

When you remove a tile from the shower, it can cause ceramic shards to fly up and hit your face. Protect yourself with eyewear and gloves before beginning work on any project that involves removing tiles or ground surfaces.
In addition to this, wear a dust mask, long sleeve shirt and long work pants to wrap yourself from any accidental fall of equipment or tiles.
Cover your bathroom fixtures such as shower floor, bathtub and others with a canvas cloth. You can use painter’s tape to protect the drains.

Step 2: Tearing Apart The Shower Tile

Method I- Striking At The Substrate

Shower tiles are embedded on the thin backer board and drywall. It is advisable to remove the entire substrate in a go instead of chipping off the tiles one by one. If the drywall is the material used as a substrate, it will destroy away quite quickly.

⦁ Use a hammer and chisel to chip away the bullnose rounded tiles from the top of the shower and the edges.
⦁ You can use a utility knife to cut along the edges through the drywall. Cut the edges along with the wall studs. An alternative tool for this task is “SAW”isolating tool tile removal
⦁ Put the pry bar at the line cut and pull apart the large block of the wall. While doing so, move the pry bar left and right to release the nails stuck in the drywall.
⦁ Once you are done with sidewalls, use the hammer to break the back wall tiles by striking on the exposed edge.

Method II: Chisel Away TilesSee the source image

After learning the first technique, “how to remove shower tiles”,. Here we come with a second approach that is slow but effective. Chisel away tiles one by one. This method lets you save some tiles to reuse later. A perfect solution to your query
⦁ Remove the grout (the filling between the two tiles) in a long line using a rotary grinder, grout saw, or utility knife.
⦁ Fit the chisel at the edge of the tile and tap slightly with the hammer. This way, the tile will pop out without breaking.
⦁ If the things don’t work at the first strike, then remove the grout and try again. You can use an electric chisel to work more efficiently.

Step 3: Scrape Away The Adhesive

After removing the tiles, scrape the adhesive material with the help of a hand scraper or knife.

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Wrapping Up

We provided the best solution to the question; how to remove shower tile. The direct substrate removal method is quick, but it can break your shower tiles. On the other hand, chiseling away tiles one by one is slow but can save tiles for later use.
As bathroom remodeling is quite challenging, make sure you follow the above-mentioned safety measures as it can lead to injury or other damage. You can ask Kennedy Kitchens and Baths to provide you best services in this regard as well.


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