How To Remove Old Laminate Flooring Easily.
Is your old laminate flooring being damaged by foot traffic? No worries, because you can remove it within hours, all by yourself. The task at hand is intimidating at first, but you just need the right tools to get it done.
So, if you are looking for how to remove the old laminate flooring, here’s how to do it. Put on your safety gear and empty the room. Start removing the baseboard and transition boards from the wall. Now pry up the flooring using a hammer and pry bar. After one plank, the other planks will come easier.

Tools To Remove The Old Laminate Flooring

The tools to get rid of your old laminate flooring aren’t very fancy and you probably have some of them already. If that’s not the case, buy or rent them from your nearest hardware store.

The tools you would need are:


Pry bar
Drywall knife
Claw hammer

Laminate Flooring: Glued Or Floating?

The steps to remove your flooring depend on the type of laminate flooring you have. It could be glued together or simply held together, also known as floating laminate flooring. The old ones are mostly glued, and as you could have guessed rightly, you can’t reuse them after removing them.
On the other hand, floating flooring is snug together by a tongue-and-groove method. It has a sealing product on it and is comparatively easier to remove. Be careful as the planks are perfectly okay to be reused.

Steps To Remove The Old Laminate Flooring

Take All The Safety Measures

First of all, wear your goggles and gloves. As you are working on laminate flooring that is probably decades old, you wouldn’t like to take any risk.
The edges are really sharp and can hurt you quickly. Goggles are necessary as the flooring may chip quickly and cause injury to your eyes.

Preparing The Room

Clear the room of all furniture so you can reach each plank.

After you are done with the early preparation, now you need to remove baseboard and divider strips. They are kind of protecting the flooring towards the edges.

Baseboard removal

To remove the baseboard, use a utility knife or drywall knife to make it loose and separate from the wall. Now pull it using the pry bar from the wall completely. It will have some nails that you should remove on the spot. Baseboards are also usable so remove them carefully.

Now you are ready to remove your laminate flooring.

⦁ Removing Glued Laminate Flooring

Start the process from any corner. There are some gaps where you can put the claw end of your pry bar. Due to the glue, you have to exert some effort to remove the plank. The task becomes much easier after pulling one since you can remove all the flooring one by one.

If the adhesive is really strong, you can use a glue remover solution.

0. Removing Floating Laminate Flooringremove laminate flooring

To remove it, start with the tongue side of the laminate. Now, you will pry each side with a hammer until you can detach it from the adjacent piece. Start with one row and complete it, and the planks become easier to remove further.

Once the laminate is removed, roll the foam lying on the subfloor and discard it. You are done with your laminate removal.


That was all about how to remove laminate flooring. It is a fairly quick process, and you don’t need any experience to do it perfectly. After reading this article, you can now remove either glued or floating laminate flooring quite smoothly.
Don’t forget to discard the old laminate flooring and vacuum the room. Now your room is all ready for the next fancy flooring.

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