Remove linoleum from a hardwood floor can seem like an impossible task with just the right tools, it is possible. However, the process is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Doing so will require some heavy duty work and specialty equipment to complete efficiently. But! If you’re up for this challenge then read on to find out how you can remove linoleum from your wood flooring and enjoy all of its benefits!***

Linoleum is glued to the surface with some really good, sticky glue. You’d need to man up or something similar. If you try and just pull it up, the linoleum will tear into small pieces that are impossible to remove. Well, there’s no other choice but that so get to it.

Is there a trick to this no! It will split of into little pieces. Remember trying to get the tape off the present ever so gently so you could put it back together. Yeah well its similar put a lot worse.

The fiberglass backing will stay on the floor after the top is removed. in little chunks of 1 inch or 2 inch pieces. Your finger tips will be sore tomorrow for sure oh and your back.

But once you get the top off then you can take a break. Your gonna need it.

Now relax and count how much money you have in your wallet. Because now to get the backing off the hardwood you will need to rent a professional floor refinish sander.


DO not try to wet this now thinking it will be easier. that is the worst thing to do. The linoleum glue with get extremely sticky and you will have it everywhere. Leave it dry.

Let the sander do the work. Since you did not wet the surface now the sandpaper won’t get as clogged as it would have.

What your goal is, remove all the way down to just past the wood top layer 1/8 think approx.

Now you have raw wood.

If you went too far or have remained in one spot too long then it will greatly impact the finish look, Causing a great deal more work. More rental fees. And one aggravating day/week.

SO while this can and is done quite regularly it is 100 percent a professionals job. If your a talented DIY’er then you can most likely achieve a good finished product.

I hope this help you a little with “How to remove linoleum from hardwood floor”, it’s not for the faint of heart.

remove linoleum from hardwood floors

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