Do you want to give your vanity a new look by changing the old mirror? Well, then, don’t worry as we have got you covered. We understand how difficult it could be for you to remove an existing Vanity Mirror that is directly attached to your bathroom’s wall. 


We also know that one wrong step can ruin your whole mirror replacing process. So, changing a Vanity mirror is not as easy as you think nor as difficult as finding the value of x in an algebraic equation. 


Therefore, if you are looking for a complete guide to change your vanity mirror, keep scrolling to the end of this article as we have mentioned all the necessary information that will help you in the process. 

List of Tools You’ll Need to Replace a Vanity Mirror

Before removing the bathroom mirror, make sure you have the necessary tools (mentioned below). You can replace any of the tools if it is not available in your area. But keep one thing in mind: don’t skip any of the equipment as it can hinder your process. The list includes: 


  • Heating gun
  • Wire of a guitar or string of ukulele/saw of a piano 
  • Safety goggles
  • Strong thick working gloves
  • Any cloth, cardboard, or newspaper for surface protection 
  • Long-lasting tape, duct tape, or any strong tape

Safety Precautions to Consider 

Because mirrors are large and sensitive, it’s ideal for getting the assistance of a friend who can support and balance the mirror while it’s being removed. Also, use surface protection, such as paper or tablecloths, to safeguard the adjoining basin and vanity from damage.


Remember, it’s necessary to protect yourself from injuries and the surrounding surfaces if the glass breaks during disposal. You and your helper should be prepared to avoid cuts from shattered glass and sharp corners by having:


  • Clothes with long sleeves
  • Long pants
  • Footwear with a closed toe
  • Strong working gloves
  • Vision protection is necessary


Put pieces of tape on the mirrored material in a diagonal direction or an X over the majority of the mirror. This will keep the glass from breaking and will help keep larger fragments of material in place if it does break.


Step By Step Guide on How to Pull Out a Vanity Mirror

Remove your vanity mirror by following these steps. 

CASE 1: If the Mirror is Glued to The Wall 

If the mirror is glued to the wall, use the steps mentioned below.




  • Melt the Glue 

Start melting the mirror’s edges with a heat gun, keeping the heating elements 7-12 cm away from the mirror. To release the adhesive binding the glass to the frame, repeat the technique for 20 minutes.

  • Remove the Edges of the Mirror

With your helper supporting the glass securely in position, push the edges of the mirror away from the wall with a push tool or big putty blade. Insert the blade of the knife or razor into one of the mirror’s edges and pull it back slowly and carefully towards you till the edge is free of the frame. Follow the same technique for all four edges. 

  • Make a Hole in the Adhesive

Grab a metal saw or a guitar thread in each hand while holding it tightly. Insert the wire between the glass and the walls at one of the upper mirror corners and slide it horizontally toward the center until you reach the glue. 


By moving the wire back and forwards, start “sawing” through the glue. Keep sawing until you’ve reached about 3/4 of the way down the mirror. 

  • Take the Mirror Down From the Wall

You will now be able to remove the mirror from the wall. To reduce the chance of the glass breaking, pull gently and properly.


CASE 2: If it is Clipped to the Wall 

If the mirror is clipped to the wall, use the steps mentioned below.



  • Side Clips Should Be Removed

Loosen the clips that hold the mirror’s edges together with a screwdriver. If the nuts rotate in position but just don’t come out, they’re probably screwed into drywall rather than a wall frame. 


If this is the case, try losing the clip away from the wall with your non-dominant finger while unscrewing it with your right hand. Set the nuts and screw aside and keep them in a box, so they don’t go misplaced.

  • Remove the Bottom Clips and Loosen Them

Adjust the lower clips until they’re no firmer against the glass, but don’t dislodge them. Grip the mirror’s base with your partner to prevent falling off the wall.

  • Uninstall the Mirror and the Upper Clips

Take out the top clips from the glass as your partner holds them. Grab one edge of the mirror while your partner clutches the other after the clamps are detached. Pull the glass gently out of the detached lower clips and place them aside with care. 


So, we have learned how you can remove your Vanity mirror yourself by following some simple steps mentioned above. But if your bathroom mirror is enormous, occupies the full wall, and is hard to remove, then it’s a good idea to contact professionals for help.  


If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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