There are a number of reasons why mold can grow in your shower. One of the most common is because there is not enough ventilation to keep the bathroom dry. In this blog post, we will go over how to prevent and remove mold from your shower.

One of the first things you need to do is identify why does moisture form in your bathroom. For example, mold can grow as low as 40% humidity! So anything under that could lead to growths on your walls and floors. Identifying what exactly causes this will help you fix it before mold even starts growing.

What are the most common types of mold that grow in shower?

The most common types of mold that grow in showers are:

* Cladosporium – This is a type of black mold. It’s often found on walls and paint, but it can also be found on carpets and fabrics. You might think you have this if your shower smells like mildew or fungus. Cleaning products don’t work for this kind since the spores will just return quickly. Damage from cleaning with bleach could make things worse too! The only way to get rid of this kind is by contacting a professional cleaner who has experience removing these kinds of molds from places such as bathrooms and kitchens.

* Penicillum – Another common bathroom growth that looks white/blueish greenish color-wise

Are Cladosporium and Penicillum dangerous to your health if not removed?

Yes, they are potentially dangerous. The more mold that grows in your shower or bathroom, the higher chances of breathing problems and even respiratory infections. If you have small children at home, make sure to clean this up as soon as possible since it can’t be healthy for them either!

What are some symptoms of mold posioning to be aware of?

Some symptoms of mold poisoning would be:

  1.  Coughing and wheezing
  2.  Watery, red eyes
  3.  Itchy skin or rashes
  4. Skin irritation such as bumps, blisters, or even an oozing rash. This is rare but it can happen if you touch a damp area with exposed cuts on your hands! If this happens to you after cleaning up the shower mold call 911 right away since these kinds of infections could lead to sepsis and death in some cases.

How do i prevent my shower from growing black/green mold?

You need to make sure that there is proper ventilation in your bathroom. Without it, you will notice mold growing at a faster rate than usual and the smell of mildew could become stronger as well.

What if I already identified some spots where mold growths exist?

If this happens to be true for you then the next step would be professional help! Mold needs moisture and heat so all you can really do on your own is remove any standing water from places such as behind/underneath cabinets or even inside drawers! This way no spores will grow back since they require humidity and warmth after all. You also want to open up windows if possible too because fresh air helps kill off spores before they spread further into other areas of your home

Is there anything else I should know about preventing growths like this in the future?

Yes, if you want to do more preventative care then use professional mold removal products too. You can even buy some at your local store or online on places like Amazon! But make sure it’s professional grade stuff since the ones found in home centers are not as effective for these kinds of growths. Just one example is “Rarefier” from KOR Stone Care Products which has made reviews saying that this product does work wonders for getting rid of black/green mold and preventing them from coming back quickly after all! Using professional strength cleaners will ensure that no spores get left behind so you don’t have to worry about future outbreaks either! If needed just give us a call here at 706.888.8832 or visit Kennedy Kitchens and Baths.

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How do i prevent/stop mold from growing on my walls?

You might not realize how big a problem this is until you look into these kinds of things yourself. It’s important to stay aware though when living somewhere like an apartment where there isn’t much ventilation (if any) outside of windows and doors! One way to stop molds from forming would be by fixing leaks in plumbing pipes which could cause water damage too if left unattended for.

Recap: How to prevent and remove mold in your shower?

What To Do If You Have Mold In Your Shower: Preventing It From Happening Again

Once you know where all the water is coming from or how much humidity there is in your home, then preventing future issues should be easy enough. Here are some ways for removing mold naturally so they don’t happen again:

– Reduce Moisture – install exhaust fans near showers and baths  to draw out the moisture.  This is by far the best way to prevent mold from growing in your shower.

– Increase Ventilation – install ventilation fans or open windows for cross airflow that will help dry out the bathroom faster

– Use A Dehumidifier – if there’s not enough natural ventilation, you can pick up a dehumidifier. But keep in mind it needs to be emptied often so it does not overflow and damage your floors or furniture

What To Do If You Have Mold In Your Shower: Removing It Yourself

If you have tried all of these methods and still see growths on your walls, then chances are they may already be too deep into the wall. At this point, hiring a professional would probably work better than attempting additional measures.

Now that i have removed the mold with Rarefier from K.O.R. how do i prevent returning,?

Definitely a tile and stone sealer like Ironclad from K.O.R. Stone Care Products because it’s professional grade and does a great job of preventing mold from returning. If you have any trouble finding this product to purchase online or locally, feel free to give us a call anytime at 706.888.8832!

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