How To Make Your Dirty Shower Tiles Sparkling Clean?

Are you tired of seeing the messy stains on your shower tiles?

It is a question that worries us as we are all afraid of cleaning them. It is a big, grimy, and time-consuming effort. But not anymore.

You can use these simple steps to turn your bathroom sparkling clean. To clean your shower tiles, you first need to remove soap deposits. It is then followed by applying a cleaning spray and scrubbing it away. Now, just wash the tiles and wait for them to dry.

You can answer your how-to-clean shower tile yourself without a professional’s help. Let’s see how!

Follow These 6 Easy Steps

These six easy steps do not need a hefty budget or the help of a professional. Let us take a look at them.

⦁ Remove Soap Deposits

The first step to how to clean shower tiles is to pre-clean the bathroom. Take a dry plastic scrub and remove all the soap deposits from the tiles.
Do it thoroughly in all the borders and the gaps of the tiles. It will help in loosening the soap deposits.


0. Use a Cleaning Spray

The next step is using a cleaning spray. The idea is to use quality market products for cleaning, like the K.O.R.  Rarefier Cleaner. It will remove all the stains on the tiles and make them appear sparkling clean. Moreover, it doesn’t have an odor! So, you are looking for a safe and environment-friendly option that doesn’t require extra grease.


Use the cleaner to spray on all the soap and dirt deposits. Let them soak in all the cleaning spray.shower tile sparkling clean

0. Scrub it Away

Now comes the easy part. Scrub away all the loosened build-ups and deposits in a back and forth motion.


You can use a pad, a steel scrub, or any cleaning supply that you already have. You can also use a toothbrush to remove the dirty stains. The purpose is to scrub any way that you can. You can apply more cleaning spray on the tiles as you wash.

0. Wash the Tiles

The obvious step to the query, how to clean shower tile, is washing. Take a bucket and fill it with warm water. Take the water and rinse the shower tiles. It will not only remove the leftover mildew but also wash the tiles.


Don’t splash around. Do it such that the soap deposits and dirt are completely removed. It may take a few hard minutes, but the process will come through.

0. Let it Dry

Next comes drying; you need to take a dry rag and rub it against the tiles. This will remove all the water drops stuck on the shower tiles. It will also provide a sparkling reflection of you smiling at the tiles as a bonus!


0. Maintain

The last step is the most important one. You need to maintain the cleaning ritual and keep tiles as clean as a mirror. Every month, do a maintenance check on the shower tiles. Fair warning, you will need to do it once every two months.


If you do it properly, add a relaxing break for yourself for a few months.

That’s why maintenance is an important step. If you leave the cleaning process to once a year, tiles will become dirtier within a few months.

The Bottom Line

All these simple steps will only take an hour out of your day. And you can have a clean bathroom to come home to for the rest of the month.

Only the first step requires a bit of effort. You will need to do a pre-cleaning step by removing the soap deposits between the shower tiles. After that, it is just clean, scrub, wash, dry, and maintain.

Moreover, it won’t cost a penny out of your budget if you have all the tools. All you need is the motivation to clean the grit and dirt.


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