Are you looking for creative ideas to decorate your kitchen using custom cabinets with interior lighting?  If yes, you’re on the right page as we will enlist 8 quick ideas to illuminate your kitchen cabinets.

Give a spark to your kitchen using ambient lighting with some trendy lights. You can illuminate your countertops, drawers, cabinets, floorings, and more. The place where you cook all day should be elegant as it will elevate your mood. A dull kitchen sounds to be boring and exhausted.

It will not take much effort to decorate a kitchen with the basic idea of custom cabinets with interior lighting.  With the addition of a few lights, your kitchen space will be upgraded and lightened up. Let’s jump into the topic and explore the 8 kitchen cabinet lighting ideas.


8 Ways to Decorate Custom Cabinets with Interior Lighting


1.    In-Cabinets Illumination


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The frame or frameless crockery cabinets, glassware cabinets, and other decorative items are the mandatory part of every kitchen. You can incorporate lights inside these cabinets to highlight your exceptional crockery items.

Install the LED lights at the top of the cabinets or use LED strip lights on wooden or glass shelves.  The idea works exceptionally for the glass cabinets as the luminous spread dynamically to the bottom.

In addition, you can use the dimmer to adjust the light intensity and create an inspirational soothing light effect throughout the cabinet.


2.    Open Shelve Lighting


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Apart from closed crockery cabinets, open shelves are also trendy and common. The concept is to use the LED strip lights on each shelf to enhance the appearance of your open frame.

You can install these lights on the bottom side to spread brightness upward, lightening your kitchen items. The use of open shelves lighting is one of the most demanding concepts in modern kitchens.


3.    Blue Toned Kitchen Lighting theme


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Blue toned night lights theme works best for contemporary and modern kitchens. If your apartment has bright colors, oversized couches, wall decors, etc., using blue lights will make your apartment more stunning.

This kitchen lighting will give a soothing effect and relax your mind while cooking. Moreover, the lightings look exceptionally beautiful in the evening time.

The intensity of these blue night lights is quite strong. So, make sure to use them only at a time. Multiple lights can make your space abrasive or discomfort.


4.    Chimney Cabinet Lighting


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If you like the soft and faint lighting concept, then the Chimney Cabinet lighting idea is the best choice.

The theme is installing the lights on the chimney and the sides of the cabinets. These lights look exceptionally beautiful and unique, spreading an amazing ambiance around the chimney cabinet.

This modern theme works best in combination with the bright colors of the countertop. White-toned tiles with yellow lights will give you a comfortable environment to cook.


5.    Under Cabinet Lighting


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It is noted that the ceiling lights are not enough to light up the kitchen counter as they cast shadows on the overhead cabinets. So, installing fluorescent tube lights, pluck lights, or LED strips under the cabinets is vital to illuminate your kitchen countertop properly.

It is essential to have adequate lighting for chopping and cooking purposes. This theme will entertain you with a better vision and stylish interior design.


6.    Suspended Cabinet Lighting


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Hang  2 or 3 ring lights at the center of your kitchen to illuminate the center counter. This idea works for you if your stove counter is at the center of the kitchen. On the other hand, if your kitchen stove is along with the wall side, then the chimney cabinet lighting theme is a perfect choice.

This classic design approach will illuminate your kitchen with a soft brightness spreading towards every corner. The pendant light hangings work best with neutral-toned kitchens like yellow, white, or beige.

Whether your kitchen is small or large, the pendant light fixtures give you an absolute feel. You can use bright yellow, white, or blue-toned ring lights.


7.    In-drawer Lighting


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It is difficult to find the things in the drawer or base cabinets of the kitchen. You can install the interior lighting inside these cabinets for clear vision.

Avail the convenience of in-drawer lighting to find small kitchen accessories quickly. These lights automatically switch on when you open and off when you close the cabinet.


8.    Bright Lamp kitchen interior lighting


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Install bright light lamps over the kitchen cabinets to create a stunning impact. It will allow throwing light on the limited area on the countertop blending with the background.

You can install multiple bright light lamps on your kitchen cabinet. Bright Lamp kitchen interior lighting themes stand out due to their exceptional nighttime appearance.




I hope you find creative ideas for decorating your kitchen using custom cabinets with interior lighting. Modern interior home decors utilize the lighting impacts in incredible ways on the ceiling, kitchen, walls, and more.

In this article, we provided the 8 ways to decorate your kitchen using the interior lighting themes for stylish and decorated kitchens.

Embellish your kitchen cabinets, shelves, and countertops with interior lighting to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. Stand out and decorate your kitchen with a unique style!



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