Homes are filled with stains. From food spills to dirt smudges, they’re impossible to avoid. All stains are not the same. If you’ve got a dirty grout line in your kitchen tile or bathroom flooring, then read on for some helpful tips on how to clean stained grout!

Potential Causes

  • Natural stone tiles contain ferrous oxide, which causes staining in the tile and grout. Since some areas only stain and not others it could be that there is an underlying metal contaminant causing this problem.
  • You may have noticed that your floor has stains on it. This could be due to the area being over-exposed to moisture, which can cause or contribute towards staining in certain types of tile floors.

To prevent this problem from happening again make sure there are no low spots where water collects by maintaining even subsurface slopes throughout all areas affected by potential problems like these.

First, it’s important to clean the area first before trying any home remedies or professional grout cleaners because these can make the stain worse if left untreated. – Once you find what works for your surface, it will be easier next time around.

Professional Options

  •  remove the stained grout and look for underlying evidence of what caused the staining. Leaving removed tiles open to dry can often tell us if anything happens over time that may be related in an unfortunate coincidence or not – like whether moisture made its way into cracks where bacteria likes to grow
  •  Re-grouting might help too so always keep your eyes peeled when cleaning up any messes you make around these types on jobs

Grout is the unsung hero of your bathroom, protect your tile and grout from all sorts of dirt and grime. But with constant use, it can get dirty and start to stain. her is “how to clean stained grout!”

Homeowner Solution

So if professional repairs or replacement are not in your budget or near future we located the next best thing to help you with “how to clean stained grout”. With a few Google key strokes you can find it as well!

The best grout cleaner on the market “Rarefier” from K.O.R. Stone Care Products  could make quick work of removing mold and mildew, restoring white lines that are often dirty or fuzzy. This product comes in spray form which saves time.



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How to Clean stained grout

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Mold, Mildew and Fungus On Masonry With K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner

Are you tired of wasting elbow grease on mold, fungus and mildew?
Want to make your masonry as pristine as a mirror?
If you answered yes, then you need K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner!

K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner is a safe and efficient alternative to harsh cleaners that can ruin your beautiful and expensive masonry and tiles.
The deep-cleaning masonry cleaner provides maximum protection against fungus,mold, mildew and algae. As an alkaline, ambient temperature cleaner, K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner clears biological deposits without ruining the tile or masonry underneath.
Using K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner

Step 1
Spray K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner on any indoor or outdoor masonry, tile or stone surface.
Step 2
Wipe all traces of the cleaner using a clean, microfiber cloth. Make sure the surface is completely dry and avoid streaks.
Step 3
Marvel at the results!

Top Benefits

No elbow grease required!
Effective on all types of indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Eradicates mild, mildew, fungus and other biological deposits instantly.
Little to no odor.

The first thing you need to do if your grout is stained is identify the cause. There are a lot of things that can stain your grout, from dirt and other debris to minerals in water or even bleach used on a spill outside the shower. If you know what has caused the staining, try cleaning it with this product before deciding whether or not professional help will be needed. If there’s only minimal surface damage but no deep stains, Rarefier from K.O.R Stone Care Products is all that’s necessary to get rid of any visible signs of dirt and restore your tile back to its original color! Order now by clicking here .