How To Apply Tile Sealer Yourself?


Do you fear your tiles are losing their gloss and beauty due to water damage? Tile sealer is potentially an ideal option to cater this issue. Do you want to fix your tiles but don’t know how to apply tile sealer? Here is a short but comprehensive guide on the topic.
Stone tiles are not glossy like ceramic ones. They require some caring, and also they need protection from water. It can damage them and affect their life span.
A tile sealer can easily restrict water from penetrating and provide a shine too. It is superb to give walls or floorings a fresh look. Stick with us till the end of the article to know how to apply the tile sealer all by yourself.

Steps To Apply Tile Sealer

People consider tile sealing is designed only for professionals, while it is DIY. You can complete work within an hour, or maybe half an hour, with the following steps.

Step 1: Choose The Right Sealer

You need to choose the right type according to the traffic (number of people using the facility and frequency of use) that tiles are handling. If you visit the tiled floor more often, like hallways or bathrooms, penetrating sealer is the best choice for you. It will get inside the pores and offer better protection. It also won’t peel off but will have less gloss.
Try topical sealer. Use it on the tiled floor of fewer visiting areas like living rooms or guest rooms. It provides the required shine as they settle on the top of the surface. But this also becomes its drawback, as it can peel off. So, choose the sealer accordingly.

Step 2: Clean The Tiles

Rarefier Tile Cleaner


The next step is to wash the tiles. I recommend Rarefier from K.O.R. Stone Care Products. Take a spare toothbrush to clean the grout. It will also help to remove stubborn stains. Rinse the surface with clean water for any residue.
After you finish, let the tiles air dry. You can also direct any fan towards them or use a dry microfiber towel for quick action. The main point is, they should be all dry before you apply the sealer. It won’t adhere properly if there’s any moisture.

Step 3: Apply The Sealer

Recommendation for Natural Stone

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Once you are confirmed that the tiles are entirely dry, you can start applying the sealer. Fill a spray bottle with the liquid with care. Some products have chemicals that can cause nausea. So, keep your mask on or your face far from the bottle opening.
Spray the liquid evenly on the tiles from an adequate distance. Start from a distant corner and move towards the door while spraying. In this way, you won’t step into a freshly sealed area and damage the coat.

Step 4: Let It Dry

When you apply a thin layer, let it dry for five to ten minutes. Meanwhile, the liquid will penetrate the stone or adhere to the ceramic. When it’s all dry, soak a sponge in warm water and squeeze out extra fluid. Wipe it over the surface to clean unnecessary residue.
Our Recommendation: K.O.R Ironclad

Grout and Stone Sealer

Ironclad Sealer from K.O.R. Stone Care Products

Credit Source: Kennedy Kitchens And Baths

We also have a recommendation for you that has excellent results. K.O.R Ironclad Tile And Stone Sealer is the best in its category. It creates a vibrant gloss over the surface and penetrates through pores for a long-lasting effect of years. It makes a durable protective layer over the stones that even a droplet of water cannot seep inside.
K.O.R Ironclad keeps out moisture and stains from any type of material. You can have protection for concrete, limestone, marble, saltillo, granite, masonry and many more.
How To Use It?
⦁ Clean the surface from any dirt or stain.
⦁ Apply the K.O.R Ironclad with any sponge or spray.
⦁ Wait for five minutes for it to dry.
⦁ Once dried, clean any residue.
⦁ That’s it


Applying a tile sealer is not a complex task. It helps you to protect your tiles from water damage and provides them with an attractive gloss. Choose your sealer according to the condition of your tiles and the traffic they are handling.
Clean the surface before you apply the liquid. Let it dry for some time and wipe out any residue. We have recommended an excellent product and told you how to apply tile sealer. So, go and protect your tiles for their longer life span.


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