Are you confused about replacing your wooden cabinet doors with cabinet glass doors? Although, the cabinet maker does not make such cabinets that can easily be converted into cabinet glass doors anymore. So, how is it possible to convert old wooden cabinets into stylish glass door cabinets?

Well, no worries. As in the case of any material or design of cabinets, this conversion is possible. All you need is determination and a few crucial tools. Let’s dive into the DIY method for converting wooden cabinets into glass door cabinets!

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DIY Steps for Cabinet Glass Doors

Here, we have discussed each step of conversion in detail:

  • Buying the Right Glass

Before starting any DIY project at home, buying the crucial things required for the project is necessary. As the whole scenario revolves around cabinet glass doors, you must purchase the right glass.

If you know any cabinet maker, then it would be great to get a recommendation from him. Most glass stores or hardware stores sell clear glass for 3$ per sq. ft. Moreover, they can even cut it for free according to your requirements. Buy tempered or textured glass as per your desire. As for the cutting size, make sure that the cutting is 1/8 inches smaller than the wooden frame.

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  • Uninstall Doors from the Cabinet

Remove the existing wooden cabinet doors to get started with this DIY project. Then, with the help of necessary tools like screw gauges, remove the hardware parts from the doors. Hardware parts could be nails, clips, or the metal that helps doors hang with the cabinet.

After you have removed everything, recheck the doors. Because even if one nail is left inside, it will ruin the whole process. Set up a saw and work-stop to cut the wood to the necessary marking.

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  • Drive Out the Wooden Panel

Measure the length and width of the wooden door. Mark the area for pattern bit guides. Using a saw or router, cut away the required wooden directions to hold the glass in place. Two 3-1/2-in comprehensive solid wood or plywood guides are recommended for a better grasp.

Use nails to clamp the guides firmly over the doors. Now, cut the required panel using a saw or router. You can also reposition the guides to cut the board smoothly. Once cutting is done, light hammer taps on the wood to rout out the wooden panel.

It is recommended that your wooden door must have a rectangular opening, as it’s easier to adjust rectangular glass. Also, curved glass is expensive.

  • Clean the Cabinets

Grab rubber gloves and cotton rags. Put on gloves and clean the cabinets thoroughly with a damp rag to clean the dirt. Allow the cabinets to dry and then move to the next step.

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  • Set the Glass

Adjust the glass in the wooden panel opening. Use glass clips every 12 inches to secure the glass. If glass seems to rattle in the wooden panel or frame, you can consider using hot melt glue. Ad around pea-sized hot melt glue every 12 inches to give a firm grasp on the glass within the wooden panel.

  • Reinstall the Cabinet Doors

Reinstalling doesn’t require much hustle. Just reverse the uninstalling process (that you did in the initial step). Suppose you have some issues or confusion regarding reinstalling the glass cabinet doors. In that case, you can contact the cabinet maker for in-person advice.

So, these were necessary DIY steps to convert wooden cabinet doors into glass cabinet doors. Lastly, remember to be patient and take your time in the process to get overwhelming results.

Tip: You can also repaint or recoat the cabinets for a more finishing look and glamour.

Tools Required for Glass Cabinet Doors Conversion

Every DIY project is a big hustle itself. On top of that, if we have to go shopping for equipment, again and again, it will make the process more complicated. So, to avoid last-minute shopping trips, prepare all required materials beforehand.

Here’s the list of necessary material:

  1. Glass
  2. Glass Clips
  3. Glass Clamps
  4. Hot-melt Glue
  5. Router/Saw
  6. Drill/Driver
  7. Rubber Gloves
  8. sanding block
  9. smooth cotton rags
  10. Utility Knife

Ensure to line up these things before starting to save time and frustration.

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Why Are Glass Cabinet Doors Better?

Glass cabinet doors are back in trend because of their sophisticated style and charm. Glass doors, other than being stylish, has various other advantages such as:

  • Glass doors are trendy! New trends in interior design prefer the airy and comfortable style with an abundant flow of natural light. The use of glass doors gives a more natural look to your kitchen.
  • Glass is much easier to clean! As kitchen appliances are constantly exposed to germs and dirt. Therefore, people prefer glass door cabinets to avoid the hustle of cleaning repeatedly. Moreover, glass doesn’t stain easily. Even if it does, glass can be cleaned easily.
  • Showcasing is easy! Glass doors allow you to showcase your dishes and bakeware in various ways. Moreover, it is easier to manage things within a transparent door.

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Final Verdict

Here, we have discussed the crucial steps for converting your wooden doors into glass cabinet doors. This DIY method clearly describes the conversion process. Suppose you don’t want to make an expensive call to the cabinet maker. Then, this guide has all that’s necessary for this project.



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