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Renovating your home is a very trying time for most. Even your hardcore design/DIY enthusiast tend to lose sight of the big picture. When renovating your home there are few things that must be decided upon in the beginning. You want it to be successful right? Here is a checklist.

  1. Budget
  • Your Budget will determine everything from here on out. Realistic budgeting is a must, running out of money at the end of renovating your home, YIKES!
  • Deciding on a less invasive or “simple” home renovation can still raise value to your home. Under budgeting happens more than you would think, so an additional percentage in the beginning for small upgrades.
  1. Architectural drawings or Design:
  • Having a clear plan is always important in every aspect of building. A Professional Architect will give you a “working” set of plans that will need to be followed. Along with your creative design ideas your architect will be able to give life to your dream. Often times giving you ideas from his/hers previous clients that may better suit you.
  • Your Custom Cabinet Company will also give you detailed drawings. These drawings should have elevation height and width. Also any specialty type accessories usually have an individual drawing with your choice of hardware type/color.
  • Solid surface companies will provide exact drawings of your covered area. With cutouts profile styles and finish types.
  1. Renovation Professional/ Contractor
  • Codes dictate certain plans as well as determining if what you’re wanting can actually be done. When renovating your home the last thing you want is all the beautiful work to not pass code.
  • Choosing a quality contractor while renovating your home is the most important choice you will make! Working alongside Architects and understanding your budget is your Renovation Professionals top priority. Understanding codes and subcontractor qualifications is something you would rather him/her handle trust me


Once you have a solid base for renovating your home, like this, your stress level will be minimal. Peace of mind is worth a lot, choosing a quality contractor will allow you to focus on other aspects of your renovation. Your Renovation Professional should be your partner protecting your investment and demanding quality from all involved.

Renovating your home can prove beneficial in a variety of ways:

  • Personal satisfaction
  • Profitable Resale
  • Increase Equity
  • Insurance discounts

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