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With winter time here there is no better way to ease the chill than  heated floors. From hardwood to tile, heated floors are the bomb. Once you experience the luxury you won’t want it any other way.



Yep that’s correct. You can heat your carpet. Generally carpet is comfortable without a heated floor application, but certainly possible. Their are certain application limitations. Please refer to a professional when making your decision in brand and type.



The most popular flooring of all, hardwood, is perfect for heated floors. Most homeowners love the look of their hardwood floors just not the cold feel. Never fear heated floors can save the day.


Tile floors and Showers:

Tile heated floors are the most popular type. From bathroom area floors to shower floors the possibilities are endless. With today’s technology the capabilities of a heated shower seat to heated walls are upon us.



New Wi-Fi Thermostat for DITRA-HEAT System

Control the Floor Warming System from Anywhere, at Any Time

Schluter®-Systems is adding smart home technology to its award winning DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system with a new Wi-Fi thermostat.


The new DITRA-HEAT-E-WiFi thermostat makes programming the floor warming system fast and simple, whether the user is at home or on the road. The touchscreen on the thermostat features an intuitive and interactive color display screen that provides quick access to system settings and features. In addition to showing all relevant information about the current functions of the heating system, the display is also used to input programming information and make information requests with the simple touch of a fingertip.

Users can also access their thermostat settings via an app or website, so connecting to the system, on the fly, is easier than ever before.


Programming is also simplified with the thermostat’s set-up wizard which guides the user through the process. To help make better programming decisions, the system displays the local outdoor temperature and weather forecast.


The new thermostat provides added flexibility to accommodate any lifestyle by allowing homeowners to create up to six programming periods per day. By using the built-in adaptive function the thermostat learns, through its own experience, to turn the floor warming cables on and off with an appropriate time interval to reach the target temperature at each specified time of day.


A touch-driven energy consumption log can quickly display energy used by the system for three different time periods: hourly for the past 24 hours, daily for the past 7 days, or monthly for the past 12 months. Homeowners can use this data to optimize the settings so the floor warming system provides the comfort they want for the least energy use. Homeowners can also enter their current energy tariff (i.e., user’s current Kilowatt-hour rate) and the thermostat will calculate energy cost over the same time periods.


The new thermostat is available in spring of 2018 and is compatible with all DITRA-HEAT systems, so owners can upgrade their installed system with the Wi-Fi thermostat.



While their are professional companies all over the country that install heated floors choose a reputable one. Costly in themselves a floor that doesn’t heat is not what you want. Installation cost vary in price but expect to pay good money for a good installation.

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