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Fact is the two are completely different. So it’s time for you to choose, Granite Vs Quartz Countertops. The differences are not as clear as you might think.


After all each are marketed as:

  • Hard as Stone
  • Purely Natural
  • Straight from the earth

So they must be the same Right?

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#1 Granite and Quartz Supplier


Comes directly from the quarries and is cut into thin slabs. Polished then fabricated into a Countertop.


Is actual an engineered product containing natural stone accompanied by other material. Made through form poured process then polished and made into countertops.


Very unique due to mineral pattern and color each slab is slightly different resulting in one of a kind countertops.


More uniformed in respect to color however boasting an array of colors and forms to choose from.

So if your decision is based solely on appearance it ‘s a matter of personal preference.

Granite for the truly natural look

Quartz for a different more consistent look


While both are sourced from overseas the price is greatly effected by fuel , tariffs and other factors. Granite a bit higher in cost, settling above quartz since the increased demand produced more available suppliers.Columbus Ga Renovation Professional

DIY Installation?

Here’s a thought DON’T! Leave it to the professionals. Granite and Quartz Countertops both are heavy, ( close to 35 lbs per LF)  don’t take the risk of damaging your expensive countertop.

In your decision with Granite VS Quartz Countertops take into consideration

Maintenance and Durability

Granite being more porous requiring frequent sealing from the beginning, also inherent flaws that make them more prone to cracking

Quartz never needs sealing, while fabricated with resins resulting in more uniformed throughout and almost never cracks

Real Estate Upgrades

Both Granite and Quartz are high-end products resulting in increased home value.

Granite may edge out Quartz with clients on the pure Natural prospective.

Quartz gaining ground from clients looking for a bit ore durability and ease of maintenance.

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