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DIYers, Do yourself a favor and never use Fusion Pro Grout! Here’s WHY!

Fusion Pro Grout Review

You will never get it off the Tile completely!

From online forums to chat groups to Facebook the Pros know!
As 30 year professional in the tile business I can tell you if you use Fusion Pro Grout you will Never want to do tile again. It’s absolutely ridiculous how difficult it is to remove from the tile. Knowing the tricks of the trade and following manufactures recommendations still does not change the complete degree of difficulty to wipe off. For a product to be PRE- MADE, no mixing required, the attention of DIY’ers has been grabbed, to say the least.
Countless times I have received calls from homeowners to come out and see
If I could help them with their new tile’s grout problem. I heard the same thing from each of them, The Manufactures say it’s an installation problem. The Rep Said, BLAH BLAH BLAH. The problem is the GROUT!
Here is a couple of videos I pulled from YouTube with other people having the same issue.
continue to use! However, this is not one of them!
Diy’ers to try it if you like but this will be the hardest thing you have ever done!


Fusion Pro Grout Review
If you have are experiencing Fusion Pro Grout problems click here.
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