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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Shower Waterproofing


What is the best shower waterproofing system?

We recommend RedGard, a rubbery coating that is painted on the concrete wall board to create a waterproof surface; this process usually takes a few coats and several days for dry time. You can also use a waterproofing fabric such as Schluter Kerdi or Wedi Subliner Dry.

shower waterproofing

Do you waterproof shower walls?

To waterproof shower walls, there are two waterproofing methods – Traditional and Topical. With the Traditional Method, 4 – 6 mil sheets of plastic is installed between the studs and cement backerboard (the substrate).

Do I need a vapor barrier behind cement board in shower?

Their online instructions/diagrams show no use of a vapor barrier. You should, so that any moisture that gets behind the cement board runs into the tub or shower instead of into your wall cavity (causing rot or mold/mildew).

Is grout waterproof in showers?

Contrary to popular belief, ceramic tile and grout, by themselves are not waterproof. Water can penetrate through cement-based grout and work its way through the substrate. To prevent water damage, you must install a waterproof membrane just below the tile bonding mortar as close to the tile as possible.

shower waterproofing

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Can I use plastic sheeting as a vapor barrier?

In simple terms, a vapor barrier is a material that won’t allow moisture to pass through it, such as plastic sheeting. … It’s designed to stop the moisture before it can enter the wall cavities. There are two basic types of vapor barriers used with exterior wall insulation. The most common is paper-faced insulation.

What do you put behind shower walls?

Use an appropriate waterproof or moisture-resistant backing material behind grouted tile or stone or segmented plastic or fiberglass tub and shower surrounds. Appropriate materials include cement board which has a cementitious core and glass mats on both sides to strengthen the board.

shower waterproofing,waterproofing