Helix Bath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub
Great deals for bathtubs are everywhere but you aren’t supposed to look at those deals only. You have to find the one which will give you all your needs for a bathtub. Basically, free standing bath tubs are really beautiful and luxurious that makes them  a good choice for many clients.
“ ‘However not all of them may give you the best experience. If you are searching for one of the best free standing tubs, Bath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub can be a great choice. It has all the benefits and features which you are probably looking for a freestanding bathtub.’ Kennedy Kitchens and Baths can help you select the perfect freestanding tub!
Let’s look at the Eleusis Freestanding Bathtub


•    Freestanding construction – for easy and fast installation.
•    A 1 1/2 inch adjustment for uneven floors (with 6 adjustable foot pads).
•    1 solid piece of construction- for a guaranteed leak free and highly durable bathtub material.
•    100 percent non-porous sanitary grade acrylic – for “easy to clean” surface.
•    8mm thick gauge acrylic (heat retentive and heavy)
•    Two Stainless Steel and 1 inch “T” frames- for providing a good structural support.
•    3M finish – for a high gloss and fade resistant surface.
•    Acrylic surface – for a non-porous, easy sanitizing and cleaning of the free standing tub.
•    Copper & steel drain pipe and Chromed round overflow and Chrome toe-tap floor drain.
•    Measures 67 23/32 inches(length), 31 1/2 inches(width) and 31 1/2 inches(height)
•    Top edge to Overflow Drain: 2 9/16 inches and an drain tube extension (external expands from 10 inches to 28 inches

•    Color – it has classic white color that matches any bathroom design of your house.
•    Size – the size is good enough to use even at small bathrooms.
•    Design – it is freestanding construction which made it easy and very fast to install. When it comes to look, it is undeniably perfect for the bathroom. In addition, it is easy to drain and water doesn’t overflow easy. Meaning, the level of water can be controlled well that makes it ideal for a non-flowing of water for a bath experience.
•    Materials – there are no doubt about the materials when it comes to this kind of freestanding oval tub. It has been made of quality materials which can be used for a great bathing experience.

•   HelixBath Eleusis Freestanding bathtub, like the other bathtubs should be well maintained.
•   It is available in one color only yet it can still look good on your bathroom style and color.

Free standing bath tubs are proven as a good option for a great bath experience. You can enjoy and relax while you are inside the tub especially when you have chosen the right bathtub like HelixBath Eleusis. This is generally perfect for any bathroom design which you may want to have at home. If ever that you are just planning to build a house, don’t forget to look for this when it comes to your bathroom’s bathtub. This can be the right bathtub brand that you may use as it employs beauty and convenience that everyone is searching for. In case you already liked it for your bathroom, search for it online and have one to try it too.
After a stressful busy schedule, it is better to take a little plunge on your warm and cozy freestanding oval tub and have a minute of relaxation. It is right that a luxurious bath can lessen all stress and worries that accumulated throughout the week. HelixBath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub 67” White absolutely defines the luxury that you want.

A good bath needs a good bathtub too. Helixbath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub 67” White is a freestanding construction for easy and quick installation. It can be adjusted for uneven floors with 1 ½ inch in whole along with 6 adjustable foot pads. It has a piece of constructionensured leak free durability. HelixBath Eleusis presents an overflow system that can easily turn to lock as well as unlock the drain.

The faucet exposes for the display purposes merely and can purchase separately. The design of the freestanding oval tub was crafted for bath purists since the curves and lines of it are uncomplicated and well conceived. You can ensure that the Helix’s modified soaking tubs can offer you a convenient spa experience with its simple to clean and maintain 3M Fade-Resistant along with its stainless steel frame.

With Helixbath, it is simpler for you to depict any theme that you want. Compare to the common tubes that are typically comes in a rectangular crafted of tiles, the Helixbath can be much more than that. It has a round overflow. In addition, the good thing about it is that it can transform your bath into a sensual experience. With its spa-like presence, it eliminates one’s stress and worries go away and create way for serenity. You can install it any way you want since it can be mounted on your floor or you can have it in a higher place for a little dramatic effect on your bathroom.

The overflow and openness around the Helixbath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub 67” White also assists individuals breathing to deepen, compare to the other regular tub that frequently surrounded by walls that anyone could get to feel buried. Another thing that is good about Helixbath is it can be strategically situated to face the majestic view outside your window. Therefore, having a freestanding tub like the Helixbath is like getting your own spa within your own bathroom.

If you can’t go to your spa, your Helixbath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub 67” White is the best alternative for body relaxation and pampering. You just need to be creative enough in integrating adds-on to accomplish the set-up for your freestanding oval tub. The individuals who purchase the Helixbath were greatly pleased with the comfort it provides in them.

Thus, once you treat yourself into a luxurious bathing experience like HelixBath Eleusis Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub 67” White, you will find it more beneficial on your part since it will develop your senses function greatly. Go now, get yourself a Helixbath, and experience the special kind of self-pampering that it offers. Don’t wait too much, get yourself a freestanding bathtub now and browse them online to get the best purchase.” Source: walkinshowers.org/best-free-standing-tu
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