Do you have squeaky hardwood floors that are driving you nuts? It might not be as difficult to fix as you think. In this blog post, I will tell you the best way to Fix the Squeaky Hardwood Floors You Hate

Before I get into it, these are some of the dumbest blog post beginning paragraphs that you should NOT listen to.

“If you despise the sound of squeaky hardwood floors, then this blog post is for you. It will provide 10 different ways to fix your problem without breaking the bank or having to hire a contractor. The first and most important thing that we need to do is identify what’s causing your floorboards from making noise in the first place. If it turns out that there is not enough padding under them, adding more cushioning will help immensely!”

First off, there are NOT 10 ways too fix the squeaky hardwood floor. If you know of 10 list them here.

Second, Padding under HARDWOOD FLOORS? ADD MORE CUSHION? This is hardwood not laminate!! WTH!


“1. Clean the floor with a dust mop, vacuum cleaner, and/or broom

2. Add felt pads to the bottom of furniture legs

3. Use an underlayment like cork or rubber

4. Apply a sealant (such as polyurethane)

5. Replace boards that are warped or damaged

6. Put up carpeting in high traffic areas if you’re not planning on replacing your floors anytime soon”


“1. Find the source of the squeak

2. Apply a lubricant to the area where it is coming from

3. Buy a floor mat or rug to place under your furniture so that you can avoid placing heavy items on the floor

4. Purchase felt pads for your chair legs

5. If all else fails, replace your hardwood floors with tiles or carpeting”

OR last one, Yes these are real site solutions”

“1. Clean the floor with a solution of vinegar and water

2. Wipe down the floor with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture

3. Apply an oil-based product to the surface of your hardwood floors

4. Wait for this layer to dry before walking on it, then buff it out with a clean, dry rag

5. Repeat as necessary until squeaks are eliminated or minimized”

NONE of this has anything to do with “fix the squeaky hardwood floors”!!

SO how do you really FIX the Squeaky Hardwood Floors you Hate?

For a slab, yes a slab hardwood floors “squeak” and more commonly “pop” on a slab alot!!

Why you ask? How is that? Simple most of the time it’s not an installation error. It’s the Slab has severe “dips” or “rolls”. Depending on the severity prep can get it out but not in all cases. IN severe dips even if you prep, the prep will come loose from the slab so easy now, before you jump on the installer.

So what do you do?


It has a thin formula just for repairs.

The Kit includes:

Adhesive in resealable container.

Proper drill bit

Syringe with needle (same size as drill bit}

Dowels (same size as syringe}

Now to the how to fix the squeaky hardwood floors you hate:

First drill a hole in the center of the area that is squeaking or popping. All the way to the slab. Now push on the surrounding area hard enough to see, hear or feel air coming out of the hole. Whichever side produces the most air flow inject glue towards that area. DO NOT fill up till it over flows just o you barely see it. Remove syringe and be careful its really thing if the syringe is under any pressure it will go everywhere. Place syringe on a towel.

Now stand on the outer edge of the loose area applying pressure. Don’t apply too much so adhesive comes out. Now release the pressure it will create a vacuum and draw adhesive towards the voids. Do this in all the directions that move.

Now take the dowel and you will need to trim it a little to get it to slide in. You want it tight enough but not so tight you cant push it all the way to the slab. Once in, a quick push right or left should break it off somewhat flush.

Trim up the top with a razor knife, very easily. You want it to be as flush with the top as possible , no dip.

Now stain to the appropriate floor color. Ideally if you choose a “knot” to drill if in the right location these are perfect to hide the repair.

You can apply some weight to the repaired area provided your dowel is tight enough to not allow glue to seep out. This can be removed it a day or so giving it time to dry. This is not always necessary.

Clean syringe with hot water.

More about hardwood floor repairs here.



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