K.O.R Stone Care Products is proud to announce the launch of “Rarefier” Extra Strength Grout Cleaner. This product is a powerful and effective cleaner! Remove stubborn dirt, stains and grime from your stone floors and countertops. With no harsh chemical, smells or fumes! With our new formula, you can remove even the most difficult stains from your surfaces with ease. Safe on granite, marble, limestone and travertine! We have been in business since 1991 providing homeowners across America with quality products that they can trust.


K.O.R. Stone Care products are designed to provide the ultimate protection against biological deposits on masonry surfaces, including tile, marble, limestone and grout. The K.O.R. Rarefier Cleaner is an alkaline, ambient temperature cleaner. Clearing biological deposits without ruining the tile or grout. It is effective on all types of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Safe for use by anyone who wants to keep their home looking its best!
The secret lies in our exclusive formula which includes a combination of “Natural’ Enrich & Seal and  “Rarefier:”Cleaner. K.O.R. Stone Care Products are the most advanced, innovative, and eco-friendly grout cleaners and sealers on the market today!

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Rarefier is a deep cleaning grout cleaner that provides maximum protection against fungus, mold, mildew and algae. Removing deposits without damaging the tile or stone underneath! Say goodbye to elbow grease forever, with our unique formula!
K.O.R. Stone Care Products are for indoor and outdoor use!

K.O.R. Rarefier is the professional “EXTRA” strength cleaner for cleaning any masonry-based product. Whether its kitchen floor tiles, grout or marble countertop! It’s never been easier to maintain cleanliness in between spills. This powerful formula will leave you begging us not end our time together just yet.”

Our Extra Strength Formula for maximum protection is remarkable. To say the least.

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Extra Strength Grout Cleaner

K.O.R. “Rarefier” Cleaner is a safe and efficient alternative to harsh cleaners. Which can ruin your beautiful, expensive masonry, grout and tile surfaces. Using this product will help you preserve the beauty of any indoor or outdoor surface for years. With just one pass through!

How to

1) Spray K.O.R. Rarefier on top  of anything made out stone/mortar like brick pavers walkways, grout  etc.

2 .) Wipe away all traces

3.) streaks cause dirt, wipe them away

4) Marvel at the results

Do you have a project that requires the careful attention of making sure your grout or tile is clean? K.O.R. Rarefier can handle it. For maximum protection, rely on this professional strength cleaner.

Extra strength grout cleaner. Grout care to ensure proper adhesion between stones or bricks in their surface!