While renovating or designing your kitchen, you must have come across the option of installing a pot filler deck mount. So, what is this pot filler? And what are its functions? Installing pot filler on a kitchen cooktop is a fantastic idea. A pot filler faucet can save your back by allowing you to fill the pot at the cooktop instead of carrying it in the kitchen sink.

Well, you will learn about the merits and demerits of installing a pot filler, how to install it, and most importantly, what is the pot filler.

Why hurt your back by lifting a heavyweight when you can fill your port on the cooktop? Forget about lifting and back pain by installing pot filler in your kitchen.

Explore the article to get more information about the pot filler deck mount.

What Is the Main Function of Pot Filler?

A pot filler deck mount is one of the types of water taps that is installed above the stock. It is used to fill water in a pot directly from above the stove, so you do not have to go to the sink to fill it. It saves overall time and increases efficiency.

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What Are the Gains of Having a Pot Filler?

Many gains are attached to having a Pot Filler. However, a few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Reduces The Need For Lifting Tasks

Getting a meal is a basic need of human beings. For this purpose, we spend several minutes to hours cooking different dishes. And almost half of the dishes require water, and we have to lift large pots of water from the sink to the stove, which can result in muscle cramps and strains at the end of the day.

Pot fillers are great; they enable you to fill water from the pot filler faucet, reducing the need for lifting tasks.

  1. Prevents Sink Clutter

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As Pot fillers for quartz countertops provide water above the stove, the sink gets free from pots and other pans, preventing sink clutter. It, in turn, allows you to wash and clean ingredients easily in the sink.

  1. Enables Multitasking

No doubt, filling a pot or pan is the primary function of the pot filler. Pot fillers for quartz countertops also enable you to multitask by providing a convenient water source. It saves time and allows you to use that time for other tasks.

For example, on the one hand, your pot is filling automatically. On the other hand, you can wash your ingredients or do anything else.

  1. Avoids Spills and Saves Water

Only a few people realize that pot fillers avoid spills. Due to the planned surface of the stove and the absence of lifting tasks, the water does not spill. However, take care of overfilling or leakage as it will create problems with the stove.

All in all:

  • It increases convenience
  • It decreases your burden
  • It makes group cooking easier
  • It makes your kitchen look good

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Are There Any Demerits of Owning a Pot Filler?

Exceptions to the general rules are always there. In the same way, demerits to the merits are always there. Demerits of pot filler are

  • It can be expensive as it requires an additional pipe and costs more than 300 to 500 dollars.
  • A simple mistake or leakage can fill your stove with water, resulting in replacing the stove. You will have to drain water by yourself as it does not have a sink to drain into.
  • Many people use filtered water for cooking, but pot filler’s water can taste odd.

Is it Easy to Install a Pot Filler in Your Kitchen?

Installing pot filler in your kitchen is undoubtedly easy as it does not require special skills. Here are the measures to install it along with the hardware.

  • Since different companies make pot filler faucets, you must read and understand the written instructions that come with the pot filler.
  • Before the installation, flush the water pipe and turn off the water supply
  • Install threaded pipe and baseplate through the threaded pipe into the faucet body. Make sure to fit it all into the vestry pipe troy point to the threaded pipe.
  • Slide the New Faucet Into Place
  • Make safe the faucet underneath the sink by tightening the nuts and bolts with a wrench.
  • Attach Sprayers, Weights, Pull-Down Lines
  • Hook Up Your Supply Lines with Teflon tape
  • Wash out Supply Lines Before Turning On the Faucet
  • Never use wrenches on faucets; wrenches will harm the soft faucet metal and cause permanent damage. Use special soft rubber.


Summing it up, there are many Pot Fillers to choose from. We think you must use pot fillers for quartz countertops as it is overall useful. It helps you minimize your work, multitask, and save time, as well as make your kitchen look good and give an aesthetic feeling. So, it’s a great addition that you can bring to your kitchen.

Now, it is up to you whether you want to get a benefit from them or not. Nevertheless, we are here to serve you if you need installation assistance.



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