Do you want to filter your kitchen air and search for a proper ventilation system for your cooktops? Well, here’s the solution. In this article, we will explain how an updraft vent for cooktops can give you an odor and a smoke-free kitchen.

No doubt, the smell of the meals, smoke, and grease spread in the kitchen while cooking. Also, it can seep down into the cabinets and inside the house. Which ultimately reduces the air quality and disturbs the atmosphere of your home. Now, you don’t need to obsess over it. Because of your uneasiness, in this article, we will explain how updraft ventilation can keep your kitchen and home atmosphere spick and span.

So, let’s take the plunge and deeply understand updraft vents for cooktops.

Upward Ventilation


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Updraft ventilation is a hood-shaped ventilation system usually placed above the cooktops. They consist of a blower that expels the kitchen air outside. Besides, they have a fan that filters the air and recirculates it back into the kitchen.

In contrast to downdraft vents, Updraft ventilation effectively removes the stove’s heat and smoke. They are designed so that their hood instantly captures the smoke rise and vents it outside within seconds.

Be sure to turn on the hood when you have just started the cooking. Moreover, you can leave the fan running for 15 to 30 minutes when you are done so that it sucks the extra smoke and steam.

Kitchen Orientation


Before installing the updraft for cooktops, you must consider your kitchen layout. While selecting the suitable location for the vent, you need to observe its width. The updraft vent hood should be as wide as the range or cooktop, and it’s better to fix it above or close to the stove.

In addition to that, according to your kitchen dimensions, you have to decide where to vent the hood. You can either vent through an outside wall or the ceiling, but choose the one with a capture area of 3 to 5 in-depth and can remove the irritants altogether.

Kitchen Interior


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Suppose you have to place the updraft vent for cooktops to avoid suffocation and danger. In that case, you should regard the kitchen preferences and design. You should install the proper ventilation that is efficient and gives your kitchen a unique look.

Moreover, besides giving you a seamless, serene, and streamlined kitchen, the ventilation system should blend with kitchen appliances and the interior.

Cooking Habits


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While selecting the updraft vents for kitchens, it would be best to ponder your cooking methods and preferences. If you have to cook frequently, it can gather much smoke and steam in your kitchen and indoors.

However, you should install updraft vents with comparable CFM for heavy cooking that releases a lot of steam, heat, and strong odors. It would maintain the temperature and keep your kitchen fresh and airy.

Determine Your Ventilation Requirement


To determine your ventilation requirements, you must look at kitchen space and cooking projects. You can measure your ventilation requirement with CFM, which calculates how much air is expelled in a minute.

Moreover, if you have a cooking space of 12 inches, it’s suggested to have 100 CFM. If you are cooking on gas, you may need a minimum of 400 CFM. And if you are frying and grilling, you might require a CFM of more than 400 to draw the smoke and chemicals from the air.

Blower Air Capacity


Updraft vents consist of a blower to provide a hygienic and uncontaminated atmosphere in the kitchen. The blower immediately removes airborne grease, combustion, and steam from the air through evacuation and filtration. For this purpose, the size of the blower matters a lot.

Mainly, the blower of the updraft vent affects the capability of your ventilation system. If you have a massive blower size, it can trap more heat and rapidly discharge it from the air.

Benefits Of Updraft Ventilation


In truth, an updraft vent for cooktops is one of the essential appliances in the kitchen. They are designed to give you an impeccable and sound environment. Besides, they have several other advantages that are listed below.

  • They improve the indoor air quality and prevent cooking leftovers from contaminating your electric appliances and walls.
  • They sucked the polluted air and restricted the smoke from seeping into cabinets, walls, drapery, and carpets.
  • Updraft vents maintain the level of carbon monoxide in the kitchen and reduce the possibility of eyes, nose, and throat infections.
  • Using such vents allows you to enjoy cooking your favorite dishes in a comfortable and breathable environment.
  • Excess moisture from cooking can stick to your walls and appliances, which are difficult to clean. But vents can instantly remove the extra moisture and reduce bacterial growth.


Final Thoughts


Maintaining the kitchen environment is necessary not only in restaurants but in homes too. The pollutants from your cookware can also affect the kitchen, dining room, and other areas. Moreover, the pungent aroma of food and steam all over can destroy the image of homeowners.

Installing the updraft vents for cooktops can give you a pleasant environment in the kitchen. It would be best if you fixed them right above or close to cooktops so that they trap the hot air quickly and pull the air outside the kitchen.

Before buying, you should ensure that you have checked their blowers’ size and CFM levels.



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