With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, relaxation is an after thought of sort.
 Managing your time wisely is a full time job. Since your home is your
retreat why not make it a vacation type atmosphere. When visiting resorts have you ever said, “I wish I had this at
 home”? If so maybe a wine cellar can be nice elegant edition to your personal retreat space.
Now we are not talking about for thousands of bottles of #wine maybe just a hundred or so, LOL.


Kennedy Kitchens and Baths, a Renovation Firm located in Columbus, Ga.,
will be  more than happy to help you achieve this level of exceptional luxury.
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Turning an ordinary kitchen pantry or under staircase storage area into a wine cellar could
be just the right amount of space to captivate your passion. Whether you’re a socialite entertaining guest
or more the at home relaxing type it makes no difference. The feel of
warmth surrounding a wine cellar may take your on a mind journey to the #Italian country side,
or bring to mind the California Wine Vineyards. Either way putting your mind in a state of
relaxation is what it’s all about.
Once you have your space picked out its time to go to work creating your dream.
Make sure the area has controlled light the darker the better while not in use. Now non climate controlled rooms
such as the above mentioned are acceptable to store those bottles of #VINO that are shelf items at the local
beverage retailer. Installing a brick veneer on the back wall of your wine cellar will give the feel of a
true ‘cellar’. This feel of being stored below ground will be very appealing associated with side walls painted with a black
 chalk type paint. This wall finish will give you a place to record important bottle info
or your personal celebration significance.
For the racks themselves you will want to stay with
the ‘cellar’ look and use a wood with a darker tone and a light sheen for finish. Interior finishing with a
LED light source of your preference from www.aspectled.com which offer a wide variety of strip
lighting and small recessed lighting. Don’t forget the cellar entrance an elegant 3/8 glass door
for the overall visual aspect is a definite a must have.
NOW its time to sit down and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine from your
Very own In Home Wine Cellar.
Kennedy Kitchens and Baths the KING ofRENOVATONS is just an email away from
creating your #luxuryretreat at any level. Don’t hesitate to reach out



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