Winter is gone! The beauty of spring time
has approached. The windows raised to listen to
the birds chirp, the smell of fresh cut grass, the wide
variety of beautiful colors that grace us with their long awaited presence, and naps on the porch swing seemed gone forever.
The smell of Grandma’s apple pie, a drive down main street with the
white silky soft flowers from the

dogwood trees falling like

snow, or walking down to the creek to fish bring back memories of
my southern upbringing in the country.

Brightening your interior this spring with colors that mimic that of Mother Nature can be just what the doctor ordered to escape the clutches winter possessed. Fresh patterns, pastel paints and floral accent designs with the lightest and brightest color palettes are miracle cures! Bring an inspiring pale pink Geranium flower arranged in vintage white pitcher to the entryway for starters. Draped throw blankets with floral patterns for the sofa are a must as well.


How about that dining room table and chairs that you have be meaning to spruce up well NOW is the time. High-gloss white paint for the table and chairs with a hot pink cushion would look amazing tucked under. Place settings of pale blues and whites with a fresh bowl of lemons will bring just the right amount of color. Or you could use Spring green with floral prints and Roman style shades for the breakfast area.
  Lavender color linens stacked with over-sized white pillows are certain to invite a quick nap. Striped wallpaper of the same pale hue combined with a grass colored rug will further invite your presence in the Master Suite.
Blue porcelain with a lot of light coming in combined with a mint green cushioned furniture will make subtle statement in the sun-room.
Light and airy for the spare bedroom works wonders! Pale pink walls with a white and light grey striped rug equal soft and subtle. Bringing a big sunflower for the bright yellow color proves refining as well.
Cornflower light blue plaid for the wicker sofa on the screened in porch can prove inviting for family time, surrounded with gloss white walls and a matching light blue ceiling above. Cooled by a double action over-sized ceiling fan.

Lastly, the Antique Interior Landscapes that once were a part of everyday furnishings at Grandma’s house now have been re-purposed into remarkable design pieces. Bringing welcomed memories of a once slower, yet more interior design superior time of the past to demand the attention of this century’s finest designers.

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