DIY Picture Holder
 Wood picture holders can be just the canvas to
display the Day at the Lake or the Beach. Either or just a cool, fun way to create something.
Simple and easy! This Particular project is for a 5×7 picture holder. Usually making your
mat/frame wider than your picture by 4” and taller by 8” has a nice look, but
you can play around with these measurements to best fit

For this project we will be using 1” thick by 4” wide lumber. You could use a lot of different types and widths of material
ranging from shiplap to reclaimed wood. Always check your material measurements prior to

1.    First measure your photo to be used and use a miter saw to cut the 1×4 to a length of 8” larger than the height of your photo. Depending on the size of your photo will probably use 3 to 6 of pieces of this same size.

2.    Lay your pieces side by side with the lumber running vertical, now measure the combined width.

3.    Using the 1”x 2” lumber cut with your miter saw this length make two pieces the same.

4.    Depending on the look you are wanting and the lumber you are using now would be the time to use your palm sander to achieve the desired finished look.

5.    Gluing the lumber together is always the best idea. So on the larger flat side of the 1” by 2” run a bead of glue. 
Depending on your desired look run these boards flush with the short board ends on 1 side running horizontally across all boards. Repeat this step for the opposite side. Using your nail gun attach each 1”x 2” to each board with 2 nails.

6.    Now flip your canvas over and position your photo at the desired location marking where you will use your glue gun to hot glue your clothespins on each corner to prevent your photo from curling over the years to come.

To see how we acheived the final look with the
Shou-sugi-ban Burn technique head on over to our 
Patreon page @
1.    Desired photo
2.    1 – 1”x 4”x 6’ lumber varies depending on your photo size
3.    1 – 1”x 2” x 3’ lumber varies depending on your width
4.    Sandpaper (optional)
5.    Wood glue
6.    1 ¼ in nails
7.    Hot glue
8.    4 clothes pins
Tape Measure
Miter saw
Palm sander
Nail gun
Hot glue gun

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