designer closet ideas
Sooo. The kids are off at college earning their own money now, or maybe not LOL. Need a bigger closet?
Here’s where Kennedy Kitchens and Baths can help. That spare bedroom is just the right place.
A high end organized #Designer closet is waiting to become your next new favorite place!!
designer closet ideas
Imagine the possibilities, a 12 x 12 closet with ALL the right amenities. Sure you could get by with the same closet
that has collected countless boxes of nothing useful. Or you could continue to play the
losing game of Hide and Seek with your favorite shirt.
designer closet ideas
OR..You could consider Floor to Ceiling cabinets on couple of those walls wrapped with crown moulding. Adding some hidden dimmable LED track
lights direct wired to the switch sounds inviting doesn’t it? Designer closets also offer a #craft table in the middle of course topped off
with your favorite marble. Kennedy Kitchens and Baths offers the areas finest #custom cabinets complete with
hand motion controlled LED interior lights, so nothing can hide from you. Custom solid wood tilt shelving for
your favorite pair of heels with ambient interior lights in clear view behind the glass doors THAT
is about as elegant as it gets!
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For a closet this size you will most certainly need a chandelier. With this much space an over sized crystal piece is
just what is needed. The #Sparkle and #brightness from
this type of lighting will compliment that #Italianmade White Callacutta marble adorning the heated floor.

designer closet ideas

Kennedy Kitchens and Baths takes great pride in bringing in new ideas or going with the timeless classics like
the tongue and grove ceiling stained #your perfect color lathered in the highest gloss.
Bringing everything together with the recessed LED can lights
Ofcourse with dimmers.

When renovating your designer closet please don’t hesitate to reach out to the #kingofrenovations Kennedy Kitchens and Baths
And we will put our trusted #team of #renovation professionals into ACTION.
Producing #highend products and Building
Lasting relationships with our clients for
30 years.
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