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Transforming any room can sometimes be a task, especially those used daily.
Living rooms with tall ceilings at times seem uninviting and just plain ugly. With the 70’s and 80’s
dark and dated wood baseboards and window trim combined with the corresponding  built in wall cabinet
of the not so distant past, it can appear closed in even with high ceilings.
 Say your walls are painted an earth tone color and the current choice of style and color for drapes are lacking in the area of color.
To top it all off the carpet is beige, brown or any color for that matter.
Yep it’s time to stop thinking about a renovation and just do it.


Not to say you need to get rid of it all, but just some things need to be altered.
Ditching the carpet for hardwood floors right off the bat will appear more spacious, positively cleaner and a ton easier to keep that
way. Bright wall colors will do wonders for opening up the tallest of ceilings embracing a more inviting feeling.
Gloss white for the baseboards and window trim will further enhance the cleanliness of your choice of Hardwood


Our #renovationfirm Kennedy Kitchens and Baths will help you attain your Dark and Dated Room renovation needs. Please feel free to contact us through our website we have 24 hr contact support.
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Living rooms with high ceilings but normal size windows seems pointless but none the less homes
are at times built this way. Taller than window height striped drapery with will definitely be supportive of taller
ceilings. Opening up the entire room, visually gaining square footage.
Now to the built in book case! Normally this will be window height however leaving the existing structure and adding
an additional section to support the tall ceilings will work wonders. Painting the face and interiors a navy blue adorning with your
LED lighting of choice will welcome your living room to 2019.  Professionally installed rolling rail ladders are also extremely popular
for reaching the new cabinetry above not to mention look and operate
very well.


Dropping an oversized chandelier in your newly transformed Dark and Dated Room will be just the right touch.
Keeping the lighting choice in line with your rooms’ décor is a must. Normal ceiling fans with the regular bulbs just don’t get it anymore.
LED is where it’s at.
Choosing the right contractor is just as important.
SO make the call today to the King of Renovations!
Kennedy Kitchens and Baths

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