Have you been dreaming about the perfect bathroom? One that is beautiful and functional, with a custom bathroom vanity to match your style? If so, then this guide will tell you everything you need to know. From how to find the right one for your home (and budget) to installation tips and answers to common questions like “can I install my own?” or “should I buy new or used?”, we’ll cover it all!

Follow these six steps and soon enough, you’ll be living in a place where every day feels like a spa retreat.


1. What is a custom bathroom vanity?

– custom bathroom vanities are custom made to fit your exact specifications and style

– custom vanities can match material, color and design of nearly any existing part of the room

2. Benefits of buying a custom bathroom vanity

– custom vanities are sized and designed specifically to the dimensions of your space, allowing for more storage

– a custom bathroom vanity cabinet can be made from nearly any material you choose (wood, metal, composite etc.), giving you a longer lasting product that matches anything else in the room

– custom bathroom vanities allow homeowners to create an entire design aesthetic within their bathrooms on a budget. By combining new or used parts with custom vanities and accessories will give your home a spa look without spending thousands of dollars!

3. How to buy a custom bathroom vanity

– custom vanities can be purchased from a bathroom renovation company, manufacturer or online

– a custom bathrooms are built to order and therefore may take several weeks for delivery

– custom vanities must have countertops cut to size by the homeowner or contractor before installation



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4. Where to buy a custom bathroom vanity

L&M Design, Build, Furnish

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Auburn, AL

Opens 9AM



Peach State Cabinets Cabinets LLC

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Opens 7AM




Woodcraft By Mac Donald Inc

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Kennedy Kitchens And Baths –  Kyle Allen Interiors

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5+ years in business · 2977 Blanchard Pl

Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue · (706) 888-8832

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Kyle Allen Interiors "Pride" Series Custom Bathroom Vanitycustom bathroom vanityCustom Bathroom vanity with LED lightingBathroom vanity







Lane Cabinets

4.5  (2) · Cabinet maker

10+ years in business · 1246 Noland Dr



Custom Woodworks

2.4  (5) · Cabinet maker

7+ years in business ·



Columbus Cabinet Co

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Cabinet Supply Inc

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T-N-T Custom Built Cabinets

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Watkins Woodworks Inc

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Insight- Market Studies show that Custom Bathroom Vanities have a greater search than RTA vanities or “ready-to-assemble” models. Google Trends data proves most homeowners want more of an investment in their custom built features when shopping for new vanities, and should consider quality as well before making any decisions based off market trends alone!

5. DIY tips for installing your own vanities

  • To remove an old vanity, shut off the water and disconnect supply lines. when removing pipes use a bucket to catch the water —the p-trap is usually found at center or protruding outwards slightly on either side (somewhere between 4″).
  • After turning off your tap’s cold source of running liquid into nothingness using that nifty “OFF” button next to what seems like every household appliance known today–including toilets!–you’ll want both hands free for moving furniture around if necessary during this process! Seal all exposed plumbing. It’s time now time to remove this old thing!
  • After you’ve measured to make sure that the new vanity will be flush against your wall, mark both where it should go and what height difference there is between this surface. Use shims (or blocks) if needed for an even amount of space between each stud so nothing gets in its way when installed later on–especially not water pipes! The last step before installing anything into place involves fitting our newest faucet; follow manufacturer instructions as they vary by brand but typically include shaving some edges off parts like stems or bending metal bits at specific points during manufacturing process.
  • Attaching a new vanity is an easy task that anyone can do. Have the right tools and know-how before getting started, your bathroom will be looking like brand new in no time!
  •  Place adhesive under one side so it sticks against wall when positioned correctly on floor/ground surface – this will ensure evenly distributed weight across all four corners rather than just two points where there may not yet securely “grab” into place
  • 2-) Securely fasten both top AND bottom edges using long screws  through predrilled holes at least 3 inches

6. FAQs about buying and installing your own vanities

  • custom vanities range from $1000-$9000 depending on size, quality and finish
  • custom bathrooms are available as a set or as individual pieces
  • purchase a custom vanity online, by phone, or in person at showroom locations, renovation professionals
  • installing is not a DIY sport


If you’ve been searching for a custom vanity, but don’t know what to look for or how to find it, we can help. We want your bathroom makeover project to be done right and our team of craftsmen will work with you every step of the way from design consultations through installation. In order to do that successfully though, there are some things you need to know before making any decisions about material type or finish selections. For example, if stain grade is your choice then the type of wood makes a huge difference in determining whether or not the surface is durable enough for staining and sealing after installation. Paint grade surfaces offer more forgiveness in this area so they may be a better fit depending on your needs.


There are a variety of custom vanity makers or cabinet makers available in this guide. Make sure you choose the right craftsman, the material choice is crucial when making finish selections. If your want stain grade the type of wood makes a huge difference, paint grade is more forgiving. LED interior lighting is not offered by regular cabinet installers you will need a custom vanity builder. Soft close hinges and soft close drawer slides are what determines a custom vanity as well, make sure and ask about them. Felt lined drawer boxes, custom furniture style feet, inset doors and drawer fronts are all options that can be selected for any size bathroom remodel project in order to get the most out of it! Schedule an appointment with our team today at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths. We offer Kyle Allen Interiors custom bathroom vanity for every need.





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