Mold is an undesirable substance that you want to avoid at all costs. Mold that is left untreated in your home can cause health problems for you, your family, and pets. Clean mold from your shower grout with “Rarefier” from K.O.R. Stone Care Products! If the thought of having mold in your home makes you cringe or nauseous then continue reading for solutions.
Mold is a pesky little thing. You may not know it’s there until its dark, green tendrils are spreading across your shower walls and you can smell the musty spores through your nose. It’s important to take care of this problem as soon as possible because mold can be dangerous for people with asthma or allergies.

The first step in cleaning mold from shower tile is finding out where all the moisture is coming from that led to the growth of the fungus. Once you’ve identified those areas, your ready to start seeing lasting results.


1. What does clean actually mean?

2. Who doesn’t mind the dirt on tile, but wants to avoid the mildew?

3. Is it worth hiring a cleaning company or can I do it myself?

4. Can you put vinegar down your shower drain to prevent mold from forming in the future?

5. How many times do you clean your shower?

6. What are the best tools for cleaning a shower?

7. Do you need to clean the tiles on the floor around it, too?

8. Is there anything I can do about these grungy-looking moldy things all over my shower’s wall and countertop surfaces, other than call an expensive professional to wipe them off with chemicals or power scrub or something?

9. What products should I use to keep my tile/grout looking nice and clean again?

10. I have mold in my shower, what should I do?

11. What are the best types of cleaners for each type of surface I have?

12. Do you have any DIY tips or tricks for people living with pets?

13. What are some ways you can get rid of mold in the shower?


– Clean the shower grout with “Rarefier” Cleaner the most efficient mold and mildew remover on the market.
– Remove any standing water from your shower or tub, scrub away any visible mold, then dry well.

14. What’s your favorite mold-fighting product and why?

The best mold fighting product is actually prevention. SO “Ironclad” from K.O.R. Stone Care Products works to seal and protect your tile and grout form mold and stains. While it works to prevent when cleaning is required that’s where using Rarefier Cleaner really cleans with ease.

15. How do you clean mold from your shower?
Step 1
Spray K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner on any indoor or outdoor masonry/grout , tile or stone surface.
Step 2
Wipe all traces of the cleaner using a clean, microfiber cloth. Make sure the surface is completely dry and avoid streaks.
Step 3
Marvel at the results!

Grout Mold remover

Grout and Stone Sealer

Ironclad Sealer from K.O.R. Stone Care Products

There are a lot of questions left to answer in this blog post, but we have the answers! We’ve provided you with some great tips for how to clean your shower, but we know that doesn’t address all of the questions you may have. If you’re still looking for answers after reading this blog post, please feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation or order our Rarefier at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths today!

Our team of experts are ready and waiting to help you with your mold problem. Give us a call today for more information on how our products can take care of any surface issue in your home or office. We’ll answer all these burning questions for you! How about removing soap scum from a shower? Check out our video below that walks through it step by step.

Finally, if you’re living with pets, don’t forget to check out KOR Stone Care Products’ new line designed specifically with pet owners in mind. Schedule a consultation now – we look forward to meeting you soon!

With the help of K.O.R Stone Care Products, you can get rid of that pesky mold and enjoy a clean shower once again! Visit our website to find out more about how we can help with any type of surface in your home or business – from grout floor tiles to soap scum on bathtub walls and so much more!

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