Top 5 Trending Bathroom Faucets

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Check out these TRENDING BATHROOM FAUCETS     1.    The Hands-Free Faucet. Sustainable home design is not only good for energy savings, but it’s good for energy costs. Any time you can cut water consumption, you cut water bills — and that’s why water-saving faucets are on trend. In keeping with the water-saving bathroom features

Kitchen Renovations-Modern

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Kitchen Renovations deliver a powerful punch when it comes to your homes resale value. Exploring your options for future planning and personal enjoyment can come in the form of a modern kitchen. With the smaller add-ons or upgrades giving you a certain level of modernization, lets discuss some larger more wow-factor upgrades that may attract

Loft Style Living

By |2019-01-06T17:56:51-05:00August 12th, 2018|#remodeling, columbusgabathroomremodeling, columbusgakitchenremodeling, columbusgaremodeling, King of renovations, Loft Style Living, Loft Style Living Columbus Ga| Loft Style Living Columbus Ga host an abundance of Loft Style Living choices. For starters the Johnston Mill Lofts on 1stAve is spectacular indeed from  the inviting, comfortable atmosphere to the gorgeous sparkling pool and landscaped areas. Their convenient location with it's seven different floor plans Allows you to choose the perfect Loft Style

Upscale Downtown Living

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Upscale Downtown Living with a flair! Have all the busy downtown streets and frantic work day blues associated with just getting to work taken a toll? Are you ready to relax and get your head clear and settled? Are you sacrificing a more comfortable home for a quicker commute to your job? Is your home

Dark and Dated Rooms Transformed

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Transforming any room can sometimes be a task, especially those used daily. Living rooms with tall ceilings at times seem uninviting and just plain ugly. With the 70’s and 80’s dark and dated wood baseboards and window trim combined with the corresponding  built in wall cabinet of the not so distant past, it can appear


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