Decor Trends From Designers 2022

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  Are you searching for the latest decor trends to upgrade the interior of your home? When we talk about interior designing, our focus is on nice ceilings, modern walls, unique designs, marbles and tiles, vintage vibes, and more.    There are many decor trends to look at while giving a new look to your

Modern Shower Designs

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One of the most important rooms in your present or future home is the Master bathroom, It’s focal point, the shower or at least it should be. Renovating or looking to buy it  usually tops the list of deal makers or breakers!! With all the ideas on the internet this day in time it proves

Inspirational Wainscoting Ideas

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#Inspirational Wainscoting Ideas Wainscoting is a great way to improve the look of  any room or hallway. There are several different materials that can be used. Here are a few #inspirational pictures we pulled from google photos. Most of them are variations of wood, other materials as we show here, can be used as well

2018 #Trending Ceiling

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2018 #Trending Ceiling Often times one forgotten place to show your creative side, when renovating, is the ceiling. Traditional ceilings like stippled or “popcorn” are very common and have been the ceiling by default for years. Trending Ceiling Options are available to bring this part of your renovation up to speed with our Industries ever

Luxury Columbus GA Kitchen Renovations

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2018 Kitchen #Musthaves What do Luxury Columbus GA Kitchen Renovations strive for? Simple more SPACE! Sometimes it’s not possible To make your floor area bigger! So what do you do? Utilizing space can sometimes be a #creative challenge. Here are a few ways to achieve the space “musthave”. For most people that have #dogs or #cats


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