Often regarded as a timeless white marble is not only an excellent choice
for your shower walls and floors. The addition of Carrera Marble for vanity tops can
be just what you need to bring it all full circle.
White natural stone paired with nickel finish shower fixtures or vanity
fixtures is sure to demand the attention of decade old
castles. Coupled with Chrome LED Vanity mirrors the cake will have been iced!!


Now stick with the greys in the Carrera when it comes to your cabinets. A steel grey or dove grey
will bring out the light veins in the marble. If you have a drop in soaking tub
this will all work well. For the tub shirt the steel grey cabinet front being located close to the
nickel fixtures sitting atop the Carrera Marble tub deck will certainly be awe inspiring.


A Cedar Slat or Teak rug in front of the vanities will give an excellent amount of color.
Bringing in another one of natures finest family members will
prove positive.
As for the ceiling in your timeless bathroom #renovation, consider reclaimed tin. This will add just the right amount
metal to enhance the natural stone beyond belief.
Wall finish is screaming for some blue paisley print or an acid jean print wallpaper.
With all the choices out there make a statement with your next Luxury Bathroom
Renovation. Start with the Renovation Firm you select.
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