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Can You Paint Laminate Flooring? 5 Easy Steps To DIY? YES

Does your laminate flooring look old? Do you want to paint it to make it look new, but don’t know how to do? Then we’ve got you covered.

So, can you paint laminate flooring? Yes! You can. If your floor is old and isn’t like earlier, you must be worried about it. You want to make it rich colored again and save the cost of polishing or implanting a new one. Then here’s a short guide on how can you paint laminate flooring yourself.

We will tell you 5 easy steps to guide you to do the work in less than 30 minutes. Moreover, we will also give you some additional tips on renewing your wooden floor’s look. So, let’s begin!

Step 1: Clean The Floor

First, clean the floor by either washing or vacuuming. Why is it important? Because the paint doesn’t stick to the dirt. With time, cracks and scratches appear on the wood. If you don’t have covered it with the carpet, then it has collected a lot of dust. Also, dirt stuck in crevices from shoes. So, you need to clean the dirt and debris from them.

Step 2: Remove The Gloss From The Floor

Then, remove the glossy layer from the flooring. This step is compulsory because the paint doesn’t adhere to the shiny finish.
Gloss is the shiny layer that protects the laminate below and gives an eye-catchy finish. With time, it also fades out but remains there. You can use sandpaper of 150 or 180 grit for it. Scrub the gloss out carefully, as you don’t want to damage the lower laminate layer.

Step 3: Fix Any Crack Or Scratch


Now inspect the flooring for any scratch or crack in the wood. You must provide a smooth surface to the paint so that it can adhere uniformly. Also, you might make new marks while scrubbing the gloss in the previous step. You can use any wood filler or putty knife. When it dries, remove the extra material and clear the dust made from steps 2 and 3.

Step 4: Apply The Primer


Next, apply the primer layer before painting so that it can stick to the wood well. You can use a latex one to coat the surface, but you must make sure the primer completely dries off before painting.

Step 5: Paint The Floor


Lastly, paint the laminate floor with your desired color. Using a roller is an effective method, but the fastest is using sprays. The only problem here is that you can’t control the spray radius. Finally, using paintbrushes is handy if you have any cabinet you don’t want to color with flooring. It doesn’t stain any adjacent object (if you are careful).

Additional Tips!

⦁ You can use masking tapes to protect the nearby areas or objects.
⦁ Don’t vacuum clean the surface after removing gloss; it still leaves some dust. Wash it thoroughly.
⦁ In case of holes in the wood, try a metal putty knife. It will fill them with solid and lasting results.
⦁ Try to buy the best paint from the market, don’t compromise on quality.
⦁ If you’re using a brush, don’t dip it completely. Dive in 1/3 part of the bristle.


Painting is always a fun task, irrespective of the scale of work. We have given you the methods on how can you paint laminate flooring. Clean the floor, remove the gloss, fill the cracks, and paint it after you apply the primer.
Excluding the wait for the primer to dry out, all the work barely takes an hour or two (primarily depending on your room size). So, now you are aware of how to do it yourself. Happy Painting!

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