Are you planning to renovate your Bathroom? Then you must consider using the kitchen cabinet as a vanity while designing or remodeling. So, is this even possible?

The answer is Yes, it is possible kitchen cabinet can be used as a vanity. Using a kitchen cabinet as vanity is a fantastic idea; it can save you a lot of money and even look pretty cool.

In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen cabinet into a vanity, how to convert it, and most importantly, how much it costs.

Why buy all-new material to make a vanity when you can use the old cabinet. Let’s forget about other things and just drive into the article to get more information about kitchen cabinets and vanity.

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Are Bathroom Vanity and Kitchen Cabinet Same?

The kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity may look the same, but they have some dissimilarities. Due to some reason, you cannot use them interchangeably in their original shape. The size, strength, and durability matter.

The primary and most visible distinction between kitchen and bathroom cabinets is their size and cabinet dimensions.

Is There Any Advantage of Using a Kitchen Cabinet as Vanity?

Yes, there are many advantages of using a cabinet as a vanity. A few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Comfortable For Taller People

Taller persons face problems with using vanity as they have to bend down to wash their faces. As mentioned above, kitchen cabinets are usually taller and allow taller persons to wash hands or faces without bending.

  1. Extra Space

One of the main benefits of converting kitchen cabinets is that it allows you extra space for storage areas. Even a laundry hamper can be placed underneath your vanity or store more of your toiletries. Moreover, it will enable extra space on the sub-top to put more items to display. You can even spread out your makeup on the extra top.

All in all:

  • You can customize your vanity as per your style, taste, or wish.
  • You can personalize your Bathroom by installing a vanity.
  • It increased the value of your Bathroom.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Converting Cabinet Into Vanity?

Yes, there are some disadvantages to converting a cabinet. Those are mentioned below.

  • To leave space for plumbing, remove drawers and glue their faces back onto the cabinet structure.
  • Kitchen cabinets are usually tall, and you must cut them to use them as a
  • Kitchen cabinets maker requires different materials that cannot be used in wet environments.
  • Wood is to be sealed before using kitchen cabinets in the Bathroom.

How to Convert Kitchen Cabinet into Vanity?

You can convert your kitchen cabinet into a vanity by using these steps. And for this purpose, you will need a few tools like a screwdriver, saw, wrench, hammer, paintbrush, and glue.

  • Remove the top of the cabinet and reinforce the frame using a screwdriver.
  • Cut the sub-top out of poly wood to replace the original top of the cabinet.
  • Remove the back of the cabinet using a screwdriver or hammer.
  • Reinforce the new frame.
  • Remove the support beam from the cabinet’s center using a saw.

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  • Attach a new sub-top using glue and a c-clamp.
  • Cut and modify drawers for the required size using a saw.
  • Reattach the back of the cabinet and drill the holes in the back.
  • Paint your favorite color.
  • Cut a hole on the sub-top for the sink
  • Place the sink on the top of the cabinet and place the backsplash using glue.
  • Install the faucet and handles of your choice.
  • Caulk the seams (where cabinet and walls meet) and then remove the sizable excess piece of caulk using a blade and rag.
  • And then install plumbing (better call plumber)

How Much Does It Cost?

Honestly speaking, converting a cabinet into a vanity does not cost much. It is less expensive to use kitchen cabinets as bathroom vanity. However, if you DIY it, the materials can be expensive. It depends upon you what type of material you are going to use. Like, prices of faucets vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Moreover, it costs your time more than money.

Can Bathroom Vanity Be Converted Into Kitchen Cabinet?

It is hard to answer yes or no because there are some factors to check. As mentioned frequently, kitchen cabinets are usually taller in size as compared to vanity. So, you can use the vanity as a cabinet by lowering your shelf. 

Moreover, the vanity has holes for the sink; so if you’re using it as a kitchen cabinet, you have to cover those holes. And you have to place a plank of new wood on the vanity.


To conclude, cabinets and vanity are almost similar. They just need some modification to meet the usage needs interchangeably. However, no doubt it has some disadvantages. Still, it is helpful overall as it gives you more space, is comfortable for tall people, and can be customized.

Nevertheless, this process of converting does not cost much if you get it done from Kyle Allen interiors, the best kitchen cabinet maker in the town. Confidently you must have gotten enough information about vanity and cabinets. You can reach us here at  Kyle Allen interiors for more information.



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