Are you looking to paint your kitchen cabinets but don’t know which paint type would be best? Or thinking of adding new and modern vibes to your kitchen? Well, in both cases, we will help you out. This article discusses the best kitchen Cabinet Paint.

Besides these concerns, many people wonder about giving a fresh look to the center of their homes – kitchens! However, a wide variety of options for the kitchen cabinet may confuse you a bit. 

But, don’t worry. The article will help you choose the best types of paint for kitchen cabinets. In the end, you’ll be able to pick the right color for your kitchen. So, let’s get started!

Top Paints for Kitchen Cabinets 

The right cabinet paints for kitchens can make house transformation easy for everyone. But have you decided to cope up with the pool of choices? Here’s a list of the best-recommended options. 

  • Alkyd Enamel Paint

If you love that shiny look on the cabinet panels of your kitchen area, Alkyd Enamel is our very first choice for you. These paints have separate importance for the cabinet looks because they are scratch-resistant. Besides this, they are famous for their ease of application on the cabinets.

The main chemical used in their production is the alkyd resin, a solvent. That’s why it takes minimal time to dry up, leaving behind the resin. This resin gives a separate glow to the cabinets when it oxidizes in the air.

Plus, Alkyd Enamel paints are known as the best oil-based paints. It also seems a perfect choice if you have unfinished cabinets.


  • Last longer than other paints
  • Easy to use and apply on cabinets
  • Levels up the outlook


  • VOCs in it are harmful to people
  • Oil-Based Paint

    Cabinet paint

    In My Kitchen

Here’s another quality option for a finished look of the cabinets, doors, and accessories. This cabinet paint can be your ideal pick if you want a sleek yet basic look on the cabinets. You don’t have to worry about removing the sticky or greasy marks, as it doesn’t let the greasy residues stick with the paint.

In this way, you’ll be putting minimal effort into cleaning the cabinets of your cooking area. However, you have to be patient with the drying process of oil-based paints. They take around 24 hours to set on the cabinet walls. So, keep your cabinets empty until the paint is dried up.

Furthermore, they are getting high remarks on natural oils in their composition. The addition of linseed oil or synthetic alkyd oil increases its efficiency. 


  • Provides finish for a long time
  • Easily withstand the routine contact
  • Perfect for moldings and trims


  • May get a yellow tint surface with time
  • Hybrid Enamel Paints

    Cabinet Paint Hybrid

    The Family Handyman

This cabinet paint stands top in the list of the low VOC paints for any kitchen. So, if you want environment-friendly paint for kitchen cabinets, it’s the best option. With the lowest composition of VOC, it provides the demanded shine to the cabinet walls. Furthermore, an easy clean-up of the kitchen area is available when choosing them.

In hybrid enamel paints, a single oil molecule comes with water molecules in the surrounding. Thus, on application, the water molecules dry up. They leave behind the oil that gives a durable finish to the cabinet walls in the kitchens. You don’t have to discard the leftover paint since it doesn’t contain harmful substances. 

In addition, it’s pretty easy to clean up the cabinets painted with hybrid enamel paint. Just use soap and water to wipe the stains.


  • Gives finish to the wooden cabinets
  • No harmful substances like high VOCs
  • Easy disposal available


  • Come with an unusual odor
  • Latex, Water Enamel Paint

    Cabinet Paint

    TW Perry

Compared to all other cabinet paints, latex water enamel paint was first introduced in the 1940s. People love using this paint type because of its environment-friendly nature. The low availability of harmful ingredients makes them perfect for every kitchen cabinet. Plus, it motivates the house owners to choose it due to its ease of use.

The continuous increment in the paint formula increases its durability to greater levels. Thus, polished cabinets are not a problem for you now. When compared to oil paints, they take less time to dry up. Thus, they end up giving a lustrous look to your kitchen cabinets.

You can use a paint sprayer to overcome the unevenness in its outlook. You can also apply it conveniently with a paint roller.


  • Safe for the wood cabinets
  • Provides quality with durability
  • Leaves a positive impact on the environment


  • Doesn’t coat on dirty cabinets
  • Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss Paints

Semi-gloss and high-gloss paints are also the best available options. You can select them if you want a semi to high glossy look on the kitchen cabinets. Both of them are perfect to go with the humid areas. Therefore, they will not take much time to dry up.

High-gloss paints give a dramatic finish to the cabinet walls in no time. You can use them on the overall kitchen woodwork without doubting durability.

You’ll love cleaning the areas painted with semi-gloss and high-gloss paints. You can make them look new with a single wipe.


  • Provides never-ending durability
  • Pretty easy to clean-up
  • Perfect for humid areas


  • Take longest curing time

Paint Your Cabinets Now!

We hope you’re now able to pick the best types of paint for the kitchen cabinet. While it’s recommended to carefully check the paint type and other details before selecting any option. If you would like to have our professionals paint your cabinets, contact us today.


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