A stone enhancer and sealer can make stonework look as natural as it can look in your home and outside as well. Here are our top picks of the best stone enhancers you can get in the market today:

⦁ Ultra Dry 70 Stone Sealer

The Ultra Dry 70 lives up to its name. The fast-drying, water-based penetrating stone enhancer and sealer can be used on natural stone, marble, limestone and granite. When it is applied, it forms a shield over stone surfaces thus keeping them safe from stubborn stains that grease, coffee and other substances can leave behind.
Apply the sealer easily using a roller brush and a paint pad, but you can also use a low-pressure sprayer for a large area. Besides protecting stone surfaces from everyday foot traffic, the stone sealer can also protect them from salt water.

⦁ Tenax Proseal Stone Sealer

Tenax Proseal is a stone sealer that is formulated specifically to stain-proof surfaces against oil and water based substances. The solvent-based sealer can also rejuvenate old and weary stonework and make it look brand new. This includes granite, limestone, sandstone and other materials. Expect to get about 200 to 300 feet per liter of the sealer in a single bottle.

  •  Best Color Enhancer
  •  Stone Pro Color Enhancer – Unpolished Stone Sealer

· The Stone Pro Color Enhancer


One step solvent-based VOC compliant sealer . It works great on unpolished, hone and flamed stone by protecting them against water and oil spills.
Formulated to bring out the natural look of unpolished stone while leaving a wet or shiny look behind. Does not get yellow with age courtesy of the sealer’s UV stabilizing ability. Use the sealer on unpolished natural stone and brickwork.

⦁ Black Diamond Stoneworks Color Enhancer Sealer

The Black Diamond Stoneworks Color Enhancer Sealer is ideal for homeowners who love the natural beauty of stonework, concrete and pavers in their home. Plain water can do more harm than good on these surfaces.
To make them shine and look fresh, stonework and concreate has to be cleaned correctly. This stone sealer penetrates into hard stone surfaces easily to enhance their natural look without going overboard with sheen. So if you want to make your rustic stone path look brand new and reduce marks on granite countertops, the Black Diamond Stoneworks Color Enhancer Sealer can help,

Foundation Armor Wet Look Enhancer ⦁ and⦁ Sealer

The Foundation Armor Wet Look Enhancer and Sealer is a breathable, low VOC formulation which can make natural stonework look pristine with a single application. Water-based formula leaves a matte, wet looking finish behind and it is known for piercing deep below the surface right to the pores.

Foundation Armor Wet Look Enhancer and Sealer does not leave a dark residue behind and can maintain stonework for years if it is applied regularly. Once it is applied, it acts as a shield that prevents water penetration and its water repellant properties also keep stains, microbial growth and pitting at bay.

Miracle Sealants Color ⦁ &⦁ Gloss Enhancers

Marble tops that lose their sheen can make your kitchen or bathroom look dull as well. This is where the  Miracle Sealants Color & Gloss Enhancers can work wonders. The solvent-based formula creates a protective coating over stonework that prevents it from yellowing and it is also safe to use.
The UV transparent protective coating the enhancer provides also protects stone from stains which can otherwise settle in for years. The sealant can cover about 200 square feet per quart and dries up in two to three hours tops. That is the main reason why it is so popular with homeowners for both indoor and outdoor use.

⦁ K.O.R. Natural “Enrich & Seal”

Natural Enrich and Seal From K.O.R. Stone Care Products best stone enhancer

For a stone enhancer that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to results, you cannot go wrong with K.O.R Natural ‘Enrich and Seal.’ The stone sealer is known for enhancing the natural looks as well as color of stone and tile surfaces, all without trapping moisture that can otherwise attract mildew.
The UV stable and VOC compliant sealant doesn’t form a film or gloss over treated surfaces. Retains natural look of stone when applied. Use it for maximum stain resistance against oil, food and grime and make your stonework last for years.

Final Words

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The best stone enhancer from the aforementioned list is Natural “Enrich & Seal” from K.O.R. Stone Care Products. Whether you need one that leaves a shiny finish behind. Or creates a shield over stone to prevent stains or makes stonework look brand new. Natural ‘Enrich and Seal” is your ideal choice.


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