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BEHR Paint Color Trends

It’s been just a few days into the new year, and we are pretty interested in what the year has in store for us.  Of all the design trends making the waves, some color seems to have a firm grip on the top of the list everywhere. These colors have persistently and consistently appealed to the mind of people and their persistence has paid off as these colors have only but shown signs of being trendy and classy.
Each year, BEHR paint compiles and presents a list of 20 color trends. The selection of the colors that made this list was made to inspire optimism and stimulate rejuvenation.
Here are the 20 colors.

1.      AT the Moment T18-15

T18-15 is considered by many as the go-to color. This tranquil spruce blue that is born as a result of the combination of blue, green, and grey brings a sense of relaxation to your home, it illustrates truly the spirit of mindful living.
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2.      Positively Pink T18-01

 T18-01 is a wall that works perfectly with any wall, the color protection it provides and the high-performance coverage it offers brings the beauty out of your space.

            Life is good T18-05

This BEHR premium plus 8 is a 100% acrylic latex paint that offers a long-lasting, beautiful and fantastic finish

4.      Soft focus T18-09

Soft focus is one over 3000 colors you will find, it offers both beauty and protection for both the interior and the exterior of any home

5.      Casual day T18-13

Casual day is one of the most advanced paint that offers a long-lasting beauty to your house

6.      Wild sky T18-17

Wild sky is an interior paint that creates a low reflective surface that can only be described as remarkable and perfect. Because of the blue the wild sky brings, it introduces a note of tranquility to a quiet workspace.

7.      Civara T18-02

Civara is just perfect. It is durable and can go on any wall leaving your room exquisite

8.      Kombucha T18-06

Kombucha brings class and beauty to interior walls, just like most BEHR paints, its color protection makes the color last even longer.

9.      Wabi-sabi T18-10

wabi sabi paint
Wabi sabi is another paint that made the top 20, it works perfectly on any interior or exterior wall

1    Soul search T18-14

Soul Search T18-14
Soul search is a nature-inspired hue that upholds the idea of serenity, comfort and a sense of satisfaction
The other 10 colors that made the top 20 2018 color trend are

1     Constellation blue T18-18


1      Graylac T18-03

1      Road less traveled T18-07

1      Unplugged T18-11

  Quiet time T18-19

  Nocturne shade T18-04

  Off the grid T18-08

  Spirit Warrior T18-12

  Nurturing T18-16

  Equilibrium T18-20

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It has been scientifically and practically proven that the color of a room sets the mood in the room. Dark colors are associated with an air of mystery and drama while the light colors are known to bring a feeling of spaciousness. Whichever you chose, ensure that it portrays the perfect atmosphere you intend for your space. 
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