So you want to remodel your bathroom, once you have some idea of what you wanting to do your next step iiiissssss,    simple hire the RIGHT contractor !, buuuuttt more important than that is who he uses or his SUBS. Lets face it the contractor himself couldnt do it all even if he tried it takes more than one person, most dont try they sub it out which is the best way for you to get the best qualified professionals on each phase of the project! We all as consumers know what the CAR SALESMAN type is, let those guys move on to the next client, you dont want them. Use the down to earth guy who is relaxed, straight forward, and tells you prices right to your face, lets you think on it with out pressure!!! Yes their are alot of US still out there alot of which are my friends trying to earn an honest living!! www.kennedykitchensandbaths.com #trickthatbath , FB, Twitter, you name it we are therehttp://kennedykitchensandbaths.com