Bathroom Remodeling Auburn Alabama


Bathroom Remodeling in Auburn, Alabama


Renovating your bathroom can be very stressful. Even a hardcore design/DIY enthusiast will tend to lose sight of the big picture when they start diving deeper into the details. However, it is a worthwhile endeavor and something that will not only add value to your home, but it will also bring you great comfort, enjoyment, and maybe even a bit of luxury.


Bathroom remodeling checklist

Any successful project starts with some good old-fashioned forethought and organization. You will need to decide on a few things upfront, so let’s talk about that first.


1.      What are you hoping to accomplish?

Bathroom remodels come in all shapes and sizes. While some homeowners are just looking for some updated features and maybe some more storage, others will have pictured a spa shower, a double vanity, and smart mirrors. If the kids are finally out of the house and you’re ready to do something for yourself, there are lots of incredible options to consider.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Are you hoping to raise the value of your home so you can put it on the market?
  • Are you making the upgrades to increase your personal comfort?
  • Do you need to add universal features for aging-in-place?


Even a simple bathroom remodel can still raise the value of your home, but in the end, it’s really about what’s going to make you happy and get you closer to reaching those goals.


2.      What’s Your Budget?

Your budget will give you a platform from which you can plan your bathroom remodel. Realistic budgeting is a must. You don’t want to run out of money before the project is finished. Under-budgeting happens more often than you might think, so we always suggest having a little extra cushion (about 10 percent) just in case you decide to make some changes along the way.


Some of the things that can add to your budget include:


  • If plumbing, electrical, or walls need to be relocated
  • Windows
  • Custom tile work or shower wall panels
  • Quality of fixtures
  • Custom cabinetry and/or countertops
  • Luxury extras, like washlets

3.      Architectural Drawings or Designs

Having a clear plan is always a critical component of every building project. A professional architect will work with your space and your vision to give you a “working” set of plans that your builder will follow.


Local building codes and regulations will guide some of these decisions and will help you determine whether what you envision can actually be done. For example, local fire codes may dictate the size and location of your windows and doors. Your architect is well-versed in local building codes and will guide you through this process.


4.      Obtain the proper permits

Most remodeling projects will require a building permit of some sort. Electrical and plumbing permits will be needed, and possibly a demolition permit, depending on the extent of the renovation. Your contractor is responsible for obtaining the correct permits and will work with you to collect the information they need to move forward.


Once your bathroom remodel is completed, the work will be inspected to ensure everything was done according to code.


5.      Hire a Renovation Professional

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting prospect, but the process is sometimes complex. Without professional support, it can be very stressful for you, your loved ones, and your pets.


Hiring a renovation professional like Kennedy Kitchens and Baths takes all of that worry off your plate. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life with a minimum of disruption along the way.


If you live in Auburn and are ready to remodel your bathroom, we would love to help. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and discover what’s possible.