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While bathroom remodeling is an excellent way to raise your homes value
there are some things to keep in mind when moving forward with your dream. Having a plan
and sticking to it is the key.
Setting your sites on a realistic budget is key, unless your one of the fortunate people to not have one.
Focusing on the look you want can put you in a certain price point, take for instance marble will cost you more than ceramic tile
For labor to install and materials, porcelain will be middle of the road.
Once you established the material now focus on what type of shower you are wanting. If it’s a walking shower then expect
to invest a bit more than if you were doing a tub surround. If your limited to certain choices because of your budget get creative with some things like
a shower niche instead of just a soap dish, coupled with LED lights and granite sills suddenly it becomes the focal point of the entire bathroom.
Walk in showers can get very lavish from the type of seat, (block, granite shelf, lounge bench.
Creative Renovation Firms , Kennedy Kitchens and Baths, can help with all of your needs in this decision. Check your local area for a Firm near you
Or drop us a line and we will give you some contact information in your area, for a qualified Firm.
Next you may want to think about your floor choice. Going with a thermostat controlled heated floor
Is a must have , becoming more affordable by the day, your sure to fall
In #love with this feature!!!
The Vanity mirror is one very important piece to the puzzle, as of late 2017 #Trends, mirrors with no frame and LED lights
Have made a huge impact. Producing crisp light , very cost effective, and the
Lengthy life span are ALL a plus.
Granite in a no brainer when it comes to a #vanity top, coupled with a #custom built cabinet decked out with #interior LED lights from a trusted supplier
Like, #AspectLED ! Moving your project into the #2018bathroomtrends is something these choices are bound to
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Lighting for your new found #bathroomlove is yep you guessed it LED!
Your fixture preference should accent the style of your bathrooms theme but the bulbs LED all the way.
Tub and fixtures are very important as well. While our Firm, Kennedy Kitchens and Baths, renovated our clients bathrooms
In 2017 we noticed an influx in #freestandingsoakertubs , these are awesome looking and very functional. Combining a floor mounted or wall mounted
“Filler” this will surely set you apart from the average renovation. Try installing a in- floor accent LED light behind the tub next to the wall to
give off an ambient glow while #relaxing in your #retreat!
When making your final preparations for choosing a renovation Firm make sure they are capable
Of delivering your #dreams.Kennedy Kitchens and Baths is here to help with all your #renovation needs!!!