Bathroom LED Niche Lights are an inspiring and soothing alternative to halogen and fluorescent lamps, plus LEDs use less power than any other light source. “How much less?” you ask? Well, according to NYC’s Energy Conservation Code (ECC 10-11), LED fixtures must be no more than 75% efficient. Compared to the specified lamp they replace.

“I don’t get it,” I hear you mumble under your breath. Just wait and read on…

To understand this value, we need a little


We all know wattage is a measure of power used by lighting equipment; but watts aren’t actually measured at your wall socket; instead we measure electricity in kilowatt hours (kWh). Let’s say you’ve got some very old 100 watt incandescent bulbs burning in your house. A modern 14 watt compact fluorescent (CFL) has the same number of watts. But needs only about a third the amount of power to run.

According to NYC’s ECC 10-11. You can have no more than 32 watts for every 100 square feet of living space. So if you live in an apartment with 200 square feet of floor space. You’re allowed just 16 incandescent or CFLs.***


LED luminaires are so efficient that even when limited to 75% efficiency they still use less energy than conventional lamps! They are also much longer lived—up to 50 times as long as comparable incandescent fixtures. Saving ongoing replacement costs and electrical consumption too. LED lighting systems are virtually maintenance-free; there are no bulbs to replace, and they’re cool to the touch, so there’s no danger of burns.

LED lamps also provide better quality light than conventional sources. Allowing manufacturers to introduce new lamp shapes that optimize the beam patterns. The next wave of LED lighting will include both higher-output applications. And a much wider variety of form factors—including lamps in tube-shaped housings. Downlights with reflectors.

But what about LED  niche lights?

You know, those small LED strips that you stick on the inside of a shower niche?bathroom LED niche light

Well, before we take a look at how they work, what’s available and where to get one from. Let’s start with an explanation why anyone would want them. Because if you’re like me and haven’t even noticed them. Or perhaps never given lighting in the bathroom a second thought. Chances are high that you might need some educating about their benefits. So here goes…

There are several good reasons for picking up LED niche lights:

1) At first glance it looks really nice. Some of the premium LED niches come with a very stylish design. Also ability to easily change its color variant with just one click. If this isn’t one of the most important reasons for you, then feel free to skip this point. Otherwise, keep on reading!

2) LED niche lights are super energy efficient : LED niche panels work with low voltage power supplies that are very kind for your electricity bill. You can expect to pay around 2 Dollars per year. Or 24 Dollars per decade for a medium size light strip inside your bathtub. But hey, if you want it really cheap – just switch off the light when not in use 🙂

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3) You can get them even in cute colors! I mean not only are they practical and helpful but really cool looking too! Some brands like TOTO go so far as to make their colors match your bathroom decor!

Shower Niche ExpertBathroom LED niche lights

Brock Barber -Tile Expert from Michigan is by far the best at the LED Niche light application. Light years ahead of innovation in all around design anywhere in the world. Some of his amazing showers and exquisite bathroom renovations can be seen on Instagram, Facebook along with his website. Truly and inspiration in the luxury bathroom industry. I came across his amazing LED designs in 2015. That was all it took to be hooked on LED bathroom applications. I contacted him and inquired about the process . Wow his knowledge was astounding, a true pioneer.


With the most energy-efficient lighting available today. Renovation professionals and tile setters are pushing boundries to create possibilities that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Schedule your consultation with Kennedy Kitchens and Baths today to see what you can do in your home or office!

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