Accomplishing a successful ADA Bathroom renovation isn’t  always an easy thing. But when the stars align and things come together WOW you feel great!

Let’s explore one of our recent renovation projects! Hand crafted from the demo to the finished product.

Now that demo is done  we are ready to go! Let’s Go!

Burnishing the wood for the walls  turned out BEAUTIFUL.. A process as you see in this video (click link)  pretty simple and too the point. Three coats of sealer no stain and your ready to install.

Burnishing Wood

Now to the vanity. Choosing a Black Walnut Butcher Block top proved right indeed. Wanting to add some color to make the blue pop in the floor tile we used Ocean Blue epoxy paint. Completing three fills of the holes drilled and two coats over the complete surface proved worth it.

Using Shiplap for a drop down flat trim at the ceiling, custom built vanity and custom built mirror frame allowed to use our LED lighting in a variety of ways. With a remote controlled zoned LED unit we installed from along with a motion controlled switch. This a Luxury Bathroom Renovation for sure.


Since our Client requires everything to be ADA approved amenities, the zero entry shower was a must. With a 2×2 mosaic tile for the feature wall and 12×24 for the supporting walls Sellers Tile and Designer Jenny Strickland really nailed it. Of course we had to put our signature on it with the dimmable LED niche lights and glass corner shelf.

Finishing out with  beautiful oil rubbed bronze fixtures, Hammered copper sink and pop up media center.

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