Are you looking to redesign your bathroom with brushed copper bathroom fixtures but don’t know which copper fixtures you can use? Well, here’s the solution. In this article, we will give you a list of the 7 best brushed copper bathroom fixtures that can help enhance the modern look of your bathroom. 

A well-organized, clean and sophisticated bathroom always brings a lot of comfort and value to its home. Thinking of redoing can sound a little tiresome, but the results are always pleasing. 

Well, bathroom fixtures and fittings jargons are only well known to a few. And it can get a little difficult down the road if you are doing all the things yourself.  

But, no worries, we are here to handhold your way through an amazing design concept for your bathroom—a design that would restore the comfort, value, and aesthetics of your bathroom.  

But first, let’s get our vocabulary clear. A bathroom fixtures are something that is hardwired or fixed, like bathtubs, toilets, showers, and sinks. In comparison, fittings are tools that are easily replaceable, like mirrors, vanity cabinets, or towel bars.  

List of Brushed Copper Bathroom Fixtures 

Bathtubs—a versatile piece made of acrylic thermoformed come in various shapes like oval, round, and corner. Even the simplest of bathtubs can bring a luxurious vibe to your bathroom.

It can accommodate kids, adults, and pets of any size and brings more value than a shower. If you have more room for relaxation, going to bathtubs would be considered a great idea.

Bathtubs are considered valuable items and also increase the resale value of the house significantly.

Moreover, after a long tiring day, a good bathtub with some fragrant adding bath bombs can restore your long-lost peace and tranquility.    



  • Vanity bathroom cabinets

A bathroom vanity cabinet comes with an inbuilt sink and faucets. One benefit could be that it makes the bathroom look spacious and tidy. 

It also brings home to extra things like toothbrushes, towels, face wash, soaps, and other daily needs items. After installing vanity bathroom cabinets, you wouldn’t find these little things lying around here and there anymore.

It comes with customizable options, meaning you can easily choose the width, height, size, color, and finish of your choice. 

A wall top or mounted vanity will be a good idea if you have a small-sized bathroom. In this case, it saves the space under vanities, creating an illusion of being more spacious and tidier. Furthermore, it’s also easier to clean under the wall-mounted vanities. 

  • Concealed Cistern/ Hideaway Cistern Toilets 

Copper-made toilets with concealed cisterns come with a lot of benefits. It can save you a huge space and makes your bathroom look tidier. 

The cistern and the visually unpleasing pipelines are neatly kept inside the walls. This sleek toilet design would bring a contemporary aesthetic look to your bathroom. 

But keep in mind that even with basic problems like a twisted pulley or cracked ballcock, the maintenance charge would increase as the cistern is soundly asleep inside the walls. Also, the installation charge would be higher as the methods are more complex than usual toilet setups. 

This modern toilet design is mounted to the wall, is smaller in size, and is easier to clean.

  • Faucets Brushe Copper bathroom FIxtures

A faucet is the most used bathroom tool, so choosing a high-quality copper faucet would be very rewarding. A good quality faucet can range from vintage styles to contemporary designs. 

Aligning curtain and towel bars, toilet flush lever, and other fittings to faucets design are important to maintaining aesthetics. So, start with faucets.

A well-finished copper Faucet fixture can increase the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Another great option would be using sensory faucets. Sensory faucets are very hygienic and leave no room for germs and bacteria to manifest. It is easy to operate and is environmentally friendly. It saves gallons of water and your water bill as well.   

  • Bathroom Sink 

A bathroom sink comes in various designs like a wall-mounted, self-rimming, vessel, and pedestal sinks.

A vessel sink sits right on the top of the vanity bathroom cabinet. If you don’t have a vanity cabinet, going for wall-mounted or pedestal sinks would be a great idea.

And if you already have a vanity bathroom cabinet and want a second sink, a small-sized wall-mounted copper sink would be a great idea.

Regardless of price and size, you can find great sinks in every range. 

In recent times, showers and their accessories have evolved. The shower panel comes in many designs, from a minimalist approach to versatile options. They are easy to install or replace. 

You can opt for showers along with bathtubs. This would bring the option to the plate for taking a bath according to your mood.  

Another option would be to go for handheld copper showers. It allows you more room for flexibility, unlike fixed showerheads. It is also well suited for kids, older people, and pets.

If you always complain about water pressure, handheld showers would be a great option for you. 

  • Mirrors

In every bathroom renovation, adding a new mirror is a necessity. A large mirror above the vanity cabinet brings a whole new color to the bathroom.

A big-sized bathroom or small mirror always enhances the beauty of your bathroom. In the compact-sized bathroom, it creates the illusion of more room. And in bigger-sized bathrooms, it dramatically adds beautiful textures to the bathroom. 

You can use decorative mirrors or traditional pieces with brushed copper bathroom fixtures.

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