Tall yet Small…. Updating a small bathroom with a tall (10 ft) ceiling can be a bit difficult.
We at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths can help! Here are 5 ways to make
Your Tall yet Small bathroom feel more cozy.
Today it is more common than in years past to use different styles and sizes if baseboards and crown moulding.
Using a 8 inch tall baseboard ,which comes in various sizes, accompanied with a 8 inch 5 piece crown moulding will do wonders in bringing your bathroom
Visually down to size adding a drop down base cap to the bottom and painting the wall between the two will give you the effect there are more pieces  in the
Oversized mirrors are also a great way to shrink the size. Try a bulky frame horizontal mirror verses a vertical mirror.

Hanging mirrors will give even more depth to the room as well
Large floor and wall  tiles will make the area feel smaller, for example a 20 in x 20 in floor tile will work well on the floors laid in either a broken brick
Pattern or a 6 in x 18 in floor tile laid in a running bond pattern.

As for the wall tile try using a 10 in x 20 in installing this size horizontal .
While Lighted Niches are the growing trend, try installing a larger horizontal niche 18 in tall x 36 in wide if possible.
In shower wall Ledges are very popular and will be making a huge impact on or industry in the next year.
A Bulky Chandelier will do wonders for your height shrinking ability, bringing everything down to the perfect manageable size.
Darker paint colors will also put a finishing touch on this transformation.
Whatever your renovation consist of Kennedy Kitchens and Baths is ready to assist you
every step of the way from Planning to executing! Please give us a call at 706-888-8832.
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