5 Ways to Add Value to your Home

Maximizing your ROI  (Return On Investment) when selling your home is most important, to say the least. Here are five ways to upgrade your home to ensure the most return in the current market.


  • Remodel Kitchen: When upgrading you will want to do a hard up grade particularly your counter tops, cabinets, floors, paint, appliances and so forth. Potential buyers are going to want to see a finished full renovation not one they need to redo. Soft upgrades usually are reserved for renovations for YOU to enjoy for a few more years before deciding to sell your property.
  • Add LED Lighting: Most homes built 20 years ago as far as today’s standards are concerned, don’t have enough or correct type of lighting. Recessed lighting to your kitchen and living room space will certainly change the entire feel. LED bulbs have a wide variety of white colors whether its soft,bight or daylight white. Check out www.aspectled.com for the latest lighting upgrades that will prove beneficial.
  • Curb Appeal: Often over looked in this process is the lawn area. A fresh green lawn will certainly attract the attention of potential buyers. Fertilizing your lawn every spring will give you that lush look along with colorful vegetation  to improve your homes appeal.
  • Maintaining your deck/fencing: If you have a deck on you home instead of painting over the old paint stripping it down to bare wood to repaint is the way to go. Yes at first, it will look better but in the long run it will begin to peel off becoming less and less appealing.Likewise with your fencing pressure washing the wood before treating will increase the longevity.
  • Bathroom Updates: This is very important to you ROI. When upgrading do all the bathrooms in the home keeping consistent with plumbing fixtures, style, floors and so forth this will increase your ability to attract more potential buyers. Eliminating their need to invest once the property is purchased.


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