5-Steps Guide: How To Tile A Shower Wall?
Have you pondered getting rid of those flaky walls and want to install beautiful tiles in your shower area but don’t know how to do it? If so, then you have landed at the perfect place. Today, through this article, you will know how to tile a shower wall.
We understand that everyone wants a shower area that is soothing and gives that aesthetic look. To have an eye-pleasing shower area for you, nothing can be better than tiling it.
Stick with us till the end of this article to know how you can actually tile your shower wall and have a perfect space for baths.

5-Step DIY Guide To Tile A Shower Wall

So, if you have decided over which tiles to go for, now is the time to know how to tile a shower wall. We have prepared the easiest 5-step DIY guide that will solve all your problems at once. So, keep on reading!

⦁ Preps

Start by cleaning the surface you are going to apply the tile to. Plus, if there are any flakes or cement around, try to remove them as well. For a smooth application, it is important to have a perfect base for your tile without dirt or impurities.
You can use cleaners to clean the surface and, with the help of a damp cloth, try to tidy up the surface and make it smooth.

0. Setting-Up

To set up the tiles, you first have to specify the place you are going to tile. When you have specified the area, now you are ready to get the next work done, which is to prepare a Thinset mortar.
A mortar will serve as an adhesive to glue the tile onto its firm place. You need to be careful while preparing the paste. You just have to follow the instructions provided on the package.
Keep in mind to mix an equal amount of mortar and water and make a thin paste.
Now, with the help of the applicator, apply the thinnest layer. You can also take help from a trowel to have a perfect application.

0. Placing Up The Tile

Now that you have prepared the perfect base, carefully cut the tile according to the measurement you have taken.

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Carefully carve out the length of the tile with a tile saw and cut finely. Besides, for good finishing, cut the curves with tile nippers. Place the tile carefully; also, keep in mind that everything is leveled regularly. And lastly, firmly press the tile, so it gets into its place.


0. Grouting

So, now you have placed the tile, and you have to let it dry for at least 24 hours. When you are sure that the tiles are firm and they are completely dry, its the time to apply grout. Often tiles come with an already carved grout. But if your tiles don’t have them, you can always prepare them.
Apply the grout using a sponge. Carefully scrape off the excess amount of grout before it dries out. Make sure that every layer is even.


0. Sealing

The last step is to seal the tiles from getting damaged. Often the tiles used in the shower area are the most prone to moisture. This moisture might get into the pores of your tiles and decrease their durability.
This can be done after 2-3 days of installing the tiles. A sealant will protect your tiles from the attack of molds. If you are unsure which sealants to use, we recommend you have sealants like K.O.R. Ironclad “Tile and Stone Sealer” or K.O.R. Natural “Enrich & Seal”. These sealants block the pores of your precious tiles to give you a neat and clean look.

Final Words

To sum it up, tiling your shower can be the most fantastic investment you will ever make in your bathroom as it will give that tidy and organized look to your bath. Hopefully, with our 5-steps guide, you will know how to tile a shower wall. Make sure that you follow every step carefully.
So, what is stopping you from having that perfect shower area? Get up and start working!

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