3-Steps Guide: How To Clean Shower Tile Grout?
Have you been wondering how to clean shower tile grout and stubborn molds from tile joints without spending a lot? If that is what you are thinking about, we have got some good news for you! Today through this article, we will guide you on how to clean shower tile grout in 3 easy steps.
Imagine when you take off the shower curtain and see shower tiles grout full of mold. Sounds disgusting, right?! We know how you have been thinking of cleaning them up, but cleaning up those joints might not be a piece of cake. However, with this quick guide, you will be ready to clean your shower tile grouts.
So, let’s get started!

Steps To Clean Shower Tile Grout

Once you know which type of grout your tiles have, you are all ready to proceed. If you are having trouble in cleaning up the tile grouts, then you don’t have to worry. We have provided you with 3 of the simplest steps for how to clean shower tile grout.

Step 1: Preps

The first and foremost step is to wipe your tiles with a microfiber cloth and remove any sort of debris. Besides, if there are flakes or peeled off grout, try to scrape it off and apply a new grout in that area.
We would advise you to have a complete checkup of the grout and its quality before starting the cleaning-up process.

Step 2: Application of Cleanser

This step involves the application of a cleaner. You don’t have to do much; just spray it all over the shower tiles you want to clean. Leave it to rest for about 1-2 minutes. After a brief period of 2-3 minutes scrub the tiles with a mild brush.
Beforehand try to have gloves on your hand to avoid any mishap. However, avoid harsh scrubbing as it might damage the surface of the tile and grout as well. Try to have a gentle scrubbing session for a brief 2 minutes.
And again leave this solution onto the tile for a few minutes. Moreover, if you are using an acidic-based cleanser, try not to leave it for a longer time as it might damage the grout and weaken the tiles. For safer results, try to opt for an environment-friendly cleanser like K.O.R Rarefier “Cleaner.” Rarefier from K.O.R. Stone Care Products

Step 3: Finishing

Now with the help of a microfiber cloth, wipe up all the traces of the cleaner. Ensure that the surface of the shower tile is all dried up. Moreover, avoid streaks as it might give the tile a weird texture that might not be appealing. And voila, your shower tile’s grout is all shiny and bright!

Products To Choose

Some grout cleaning products like K.O.R Rarefier “Cleaner” are just more than loved by us because it has no typical acidic smell to them. Additionally, it is environment-friendly and safe to use on all types of surfaces as well.
To have the best results try the K.O.R. Ironclad “Tile and Stone Sealer” or K.O.R. Natural “Enrich & Seal” along with K.O.R Rarefier “Cleaner.” These sealants will provide the best protection to your tile’s grout and make them resistant to molds.

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Final Words

Hopefully, now you know how to clean shower tile grout. By following the 3-step guide; prep, application of the cleanser, and finishing, you will get shiny grout in a few minutes. We have provided some of the best products for you in this article to make your cleaning effective and effortless.
Best of luck!


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