Drywall Alternatives
Long before drywall became the norm there were other options that are trending today. While drywall has its advantages in construction there are
other options being used to achieve that perfect room . Depending on your style there are #creative ways to use different types of materials.
For instance “Shiplap” is very popular today, even seen more frequently on the home improvement shows we get up to watch on the weekends.
Shiplap is a simple plank board that is attached to the studs after the drywall has been removed. More often it is installed horizontal leaving a small 1/8 gap between
The boards so it can either be filled with caulk and painted or generally left unfilled simply for the look.

Another option for this material is to install it vertical ,

requiring more wall preparation than normal,

But the look is still pleasing and different. A diagonal installation also is very popular to grab your visitors attention.

Tongue and groove board is also #beautiful, the boards butted together with the premade groove already there
Requires no caulking just some primer and paint and your all done. This material can be installed the same directional options as Shiplap, achieving a different but similar look.
Tin roof or Metal roof material is also making a statement. Depending on your style of décor this option is very unique.

With the wall preparation being similar to that of vertical shiplap,
Once its installed top it off with a 1×4 combination of wood trim to give it a top heavy look and a
Square edge 2×8 for base.
Investing in some #reclaimed wood boards of different sizes and mixing them together is trending now

But will hold its own for years to come, Mixing different pre painted board colors into your wall will give
It the WOW factor everyone is craving, this material too can be installed in varying directions.

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