2018 #Trending Ceiling
Often times one forgotten place to show your creative side, when renovating, is
the ceiling. Traditional ceilings like stippled or “popcorn” are very
common and have been the ceiling by default for years. Trending Ceiling Options are available
to bring this part of your renovation up to speed with
our Industries ever changing
Trace ceiling is a very popular addition to any room #renovation no doubt. But imagine if you added
A crown moulding to the #interior vertical pop up, classy right?

Dropping the crown

down  from the interior ceiling about 3 inches and adding some LED dimmable strip

lights will really bring attention to an otherwise normal room. Maintaining a smooth
finish on the ceiling is a must!
Depending on the height of your new #trending ceiling another variation of this is to have
the lower of the two, extend in, creating a shelf beyond the “pop-up”.

On a large room

making this extension around 16 inches and arching the higher ceiling
will definitely catch the attention of your guest!! Oh and don’t forget to add the LED
ambient dimmable lights, installed on your light switch or remote controlled.

At Kennedy Kitchens and Baths or Frim believes in
bringing not only new ideas to our clients but also slight adjustments to
already popular. Collaborating with #renovation professionals across the
area to insure our renovation standards remain at the highest level, to deliver client satisfaction.
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False ceilings are something to behold, ideally for a 9 or 10 foot ceiling these types
really show off your effort when it comes to making a
statement! As the name suggest this type carries no weight, simply
decorative, and that it is!!

Inset from the #interior walls at wide range of

dimensions dropped below the main ceiling 12 to 16 inches, these type
appear to be floating because they are attached closer to the inner area. Completely
finished with sheetrock. Of course with your favorite color of
LED lights above!
Lastly, painted ceilings are something most people may need to
see before the fall in #love with, when done correctly, it can be a very cost effective way
to add a little #flare to your favorite room.
Specialized  Contractors are needed for most of these type projects
so check with your areas trusted contractor to help
you locate the #best tradesman for your project.
Large or small projects, our firm is always here to help you achieve
A top quality renovation!
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